Climb mountains in Denmark

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Climb mountains in Denmark
You probably think we are completely wrong; there are no mountains in Denmark! But believe it or not, we actually have 21 throughout the country.

The height criteria for a mountain to be recognized with this title by is 100 meters above sea level. Denmark’s three tallest mountains, from this criterion, are Ejer Bavnehøj and Yding Skovhøj, both with a height of nearly 171 meters, and Them Bavnehøj with a height of 153 meters.

Ejer Bavnehøj - Møllehøj - 170,86 meters
For a long time, Himmelbjerget - the sky mountain - was recognized as the tallest spot in Denmark, but as measurements became more precise from the mid-1800s it was clear that the tallest points in Denmark had to be Yding Skovhøj or Ejer Bavnehøj. In 2005, experts started investigating the exact height and the little Møllehøj, 300 meters west from Ejer Bavnehøj, is the tallest natural spot in Denmark. So, until new measurement methods or new definitions are in place, Ejer Bavnehøj holds the record.

Yding Skovhøj - 170,77 meters
In many old school books, you can read that Yding Skovhøj is the tallest spot in the country. That is no longer true. Unless you count the antenna as well!

Yding Skov - Yding forest - originally was a part of the town Yding, and the forest with the hill was used for grazing. A drove road lead from the town into the forest, and today you can see the drove road as a flat, wide trace in the landscape. From the hill, you have an amazing view over the landscape and to Ejer Bavnehøj, which is now considered the tallest natural spot in Denmark.

Them Bavnehøj - 153 meters
Like other hills in Denmark, Them Bavnehøj was used as a signal hill. If enemies were closing in, a fire on top of the hill was a signal to the people to gather the army for the defense of the nation. A common thing for the hills is, they are visible in the landscape. Them Bavnehøj is placed on a high ground plateau, and other spots nearby is almost just as tall as Them Bavnehøj. Therefore, the point does not seem as tall, even though it is seven meters taller than the famous Himmelbjerget.

By the roads leading to Them Bavnehøj there are signs saying Udsigtspunkt - vantage point, and it is true that you can see far and wide from the top of the hill - and even further, if you climb up in the little lookout tower on the top. From there, you can watch over the hilly landscape on the east and Søhøjlandets expansive forests - and maybe spot the water mirror from some of the large lakes.

Himmelbjerget - 147 meters
Himmelbjerget was until the mid-1800s recognized as the tallest spot in Denmark - it is not anymore as mentioned. The mountain stretches 147 meters above sea level, and from the well-known tower, the crown on the top, you have a unique view over the magnificent landscape.

It is not just from the top of Himmelbjerget, you can enjoy a nice view. The forests south of the mountain hides many beautiful vantage points and great possibilities to get away from the lively tourist spots.
The Nature Department has in cooperation with Oplev Søhøjlandet established a possibility to climb mountains in Denmark.

On the homepage, you will find thorough descriptions of all the mountains. On the page, you will also find a map with good instructions on starting places, GPS coordinates, and information about the length of the route and the possibility to earn height meters on the specific mountain.

It is always a good idea to print out the map. On the printed version, you will have space to write the two codes down, you will need to register your performance. Start by finding the first code, before you enter the designated route. Also remember the code on the top, before you head back down again. After you finish climbing, you can register with name and codes on the website. Then you will be able to follow your own and other’s efforts online.

If you climb all the mountains, you will automatically enter the sites Hall of Fame. Read more about the mountains and hiking routes on:

Bring the family on an adventure
There are good reasons for you to bring the family to climb one of Denmark’s mountains:

  • It is going uphill, but not much - both children and elderly can join, and it usually does not take more than an afternoon.
  • The view from the top is beautiful. Even though you are not far up, you can watch over Denmark’s beautiful landscapes.
  • The nature experiences are completely unique.

We wish you all happy climbing!

Read more about climbing the mountains of Denmark at:

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