Restaurant - Vrads Station

Restaurant - Vrads Station

Restaurant - Vrads Station

We where staying in Engesvang, and decided to drive the aprox 20 kilometers through the more than fantastic forest and meadow area, the trip offered. And what a drive. The tour ends in the middle of the forest, where the old station is hidden. Serving guests at Vrads Station is not a new idea. As early as 1963, Bryrupbanen’s management took the initiative for a restaurant train, that stopped at Vrads Station in the summer.

The train consisted of steam locomotive HV2, mail and freight car E223 and a passenger car C223 or C224. Two of the three carriages are still available as restaurant carriages at the station.

Coffee was served with sleepers - which we know as pretzels - slices of a turntable - it was a layer cake - and cogwheels - vanilla wreaths.

The dispatcher - Mrs Mikkelsen - took care of brewing and baking in her own kitchen in the station building, sometimes assisted by the local postman, and track foreman Mikkelsen served in the carriages in full track uniform, assisted by the couple’s daughter.

Gradually, excursion trains were also organized from Silkeborg or Horsens to Vrads, where you could go for walks in the beautiful region and enjoy coffee in the train carriages at the station. Stories are even told, that you could easily make the train stop, if you were to pick a bouquet of heather or flowers.

When the veteran railway took over the station in 1969, it was initially the host couple at Velling Koller, who were responsible for running the restaurant, set up in the old station building. But du-ring periods of changing and missing tenants, the wives of the veteran railway members have taken a turn running the place. In the last several years, skilled tenants have raised the restaurant’s standard, so that Vrads Station is today a highly valued summer restaurant.

Another tradition, which is also linked to Vrads Station, is the Christmas tree trains. This tradition also goes back a long way. Track foreman Mikkelsen cut down Christmas trees on the track slopes and the surrounding areas and brought them to the station on his rail bike. You could then take the train to Vrads on the last Sundays leading up to Christmas, buy your Christmas tree and take it home by train.

Vrads Station has today been converted into an atmospheric summer and party restaurant. The restaurant is still located by the veteran railway Bryrup-Vrads, which is one of Central Jutland’s biggest tourist attractions, and there is still the option of a very beautiful trip on the old railway. And if you’re smart, you combine the vintage railway trip with either lunch or dinner at the restaurant. Because it really is a good experience - in all respects.

The host couple Jens and Lone are cordial, attentive, and they serve not only well-arranged good food - but food in portions - that can make even the hungriest more than full - at extremely reasonable prices.

Nowadays, Vrads Station is especially known for its layer cakes and lunch service in the summer, as well as the Christmas tree trains, that run in December. Typically, the trains run the first three weekends in December with 3 daily departures. You can find information about this at

The restaurant also offers Tractor Tuesday and Fabulous Friday, as well as the option to order picnic baskets.

But not only that, you can on Facebook: also find a large number of special events and offers in connection with the autumn holidays and Easter.

Vrads Station is an obvious place for a party. The restaurant can accommodate up to 130 people, and your party can of course also be combined with arrival or dining in the old vintage trains.

Opening hours:
The restaurant is permanently open during the summer half-year, when the veteran track Bryrup-Vrads runs. However, it is also possible to hold parties before the start of the season. Work is currently underway on a new website, which when it comes online can be found at:

Restaurant - Vrads Station
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You can book a table at:
telephone +45 75 75 62 20 or
mobile +45 23 98 78 97

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