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Hvide Sande - Art in Hvide Sande

Art Hvide Sande
The actual kick-off for art in the fishing village of Hvide Sande on the west coast was in 2006, when the town recieved the Cyklus work of art to mark the towns 75th anniversary. Later that year Queen Margrethe inaugurated the sculpture Vesterled made by Marianne Hesselbjerg. The Sculpture lies as a saddle or a connecting link between the town, the dunes and the ocean. Art expresses itself now on the sixth year in Hvide Sande. The self-governing institution Art Hvide Sande, with chairman Anne-Marie Hjelm in front, arranges the initiative Art in the Lock where young experimenting artists creates art.

Art in the lock
The exhibition was located in the old locks manoeuvre passage, but by now art has spread all over town. It is not just anybody who opens the many events. By now you will come across art in many places in Hvide Sande. The town lies where it is hard to distinguish between the end of the point and the start of the ocean. The many works of art on display have to fight for the visitors’ attention, because the drainage lock’s manoeuvre passage and the nature around Hvide Sande is a big attraction in itself. And the locks manoeuvre passage is really worth visiting, since it is normally not opened to the public. The 120 meters long and 4 miters wide manoeuvre passage is a unique room between the ocean and the inlet in Hvide Sande, and it is only open to the public during the two weeks of the exhibition. Art in the lock has over the years evolved into also being a culture festival. The two weeks offers not only art, but also concerts, theater, open-air church-services, community singing evenings and artistic workshops. In 2011 the festival moved across the water into the public open space with video installation in an old German world war II bunker on Troldbjerg and in Lyngvig Lighthouse, live painting, outdoor concerts in the lock and on the Topgallant Sail Schooner Maja. Not to mention art auctions and art treassure hunts.

5.000 visitors
Art in the Lock is visited by around 5,000 visitors every year. The exhibition is open to the public every day of the week from 11 a.m. to 8 p.m. during the festival. Admission is free.

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