A Royal visit on Femmøller Strand Bed and Breakfast close to Ebeltoft - host article

Ebeltoft - Femmøller Strand BB - host article

A Royal visit on Femmøller Strand Bed and Breakfast close to Ebeltoft
Christian was born and lived the first years of his life in Møgeltønder SouthJutland, on a smallholders farm in the country side, with pigs, cows and sheep - not far from Schackenborg Castle - now the residence of Prince Joachim and Princess Marie of Denmark. Next stop was Ringkøbing, then Aarhus, where he received his training as a social educator and moved to Risskov. In recent years, before he took early retirement, Christian worked taking care of children after school hours, with the loud hustle and bustle as children now creates. Christian and his boyfriend Einar bought in the 1990s a lovely holiday cottage at Femmøller Beach - not far from the dollhouse city Ebeltoft. They promised each other that here they would reside, when life and circumstances allowed. And so it became. When Christian took his early retirement in 2005, they looked for the perfect setting for the new free life - and fell in love with a house in Femmøller Beach - not far from the cottage. The house was large - with a new detached annexe with 2 bedrooms, living room with private toilet and shower. It called out, to be used for Bed and Breakfast, as Christian puts it.

A very special decor
Einar, who is a trained decorator, feelt it had to have a very special decor. Einar - and also Christian - places great emphasis on aesthetics, which the house is characterized by extensively. Through 20 years, the two together, has collected beautiful and delicious things under two recurring themes. Napoleon and the Danish royal family. The themes of the two unusual rooms was now decorated, and the living room was also prepared for guests in the new Bed and Breakfast.

Collectibles of Napoleon were gathered through many, many trips to Paris and carefully carried home - piece by piece. But the beginning to the royal Danish touch started by chance. A hotel in Aarhus closed and held auction on all the furnishings - as - you guessed it - it contained the start of the collection for the royal room.
So now, far out in the country, by the sea, you can greet both Napoleon and Queen mother Ingrid at once - in pictures - of course ... Everywhere you will find beautiful things - a complete collection of books on the royal jewelry, dresses, castles and furniture, there is probably not one information about the Danish royal family, you can not find at Christian and Einar on Femmøller Beach. Anyway, back to the story. One thing is to have cared for children for a lifetime, another is to run a Bed and Breakfast when you've never done it. Good advice can be expensive in this context. So Christian went for a walk and found a different Bed and Breakfast in the area of Ebeltoft, where he hoped for help and good guidance, to become the perfect Bed and Breakfast Host. Less is to little when you talk to Christian. He received much help and guidance from his good colleague in the city.

A royal reception
This has resulted in a royal-imperial Bed and Breakfast not far from Ebeltoft with an equally royal reception and service to the guests who come to visit. And frankly - the rooms you encounter - and the spirit - is really worthy of kings.

Delicious served breakfast - Einar ensures that before he drives to work - and exquisite treatment of guests, fresh flowers, wine and a lot of attention - which is Christian's contribution to what is now called Femmøller Beach Bed and Breakfast.
And they both enjoy the life they have created, in the meeting with their guests coming from all parts of the world and Denmark. If you plan a trip to Ebeltoft and Djursland - plan a trip to Femmøller Beach and pay Einar and Christian a visit ....

Christian - a truly danish royal name - isnt it?


Femmøller Strand Bed and Breakfast 
Two comfortable double rooms. Private entrance. Free parking. Gallery with Einars paintings - if you fall in love - buy one home. Bed linen and towels are incl. Breakfast can be ordered separately. Free coffee and tea.

Christian Andersen
Sænkningen 3, Femmøller Strand
8400 Ebeltoft
Phone +45 86 36 19 60

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