Sejs Bed and Breakfast at Silkeborg - host article

Silkeborg - Sejs BB - host article

Sejs Bed and Breakfast at Silkeborg
Ingegerd has lived in the US for many years, but summer vacations were spent in Denmark with her husband and their children. One summer  the family drove on a trip to Midjylland and through the beautiful countryside around the Lakes Highland. Ingegerd's daughter, 4 years old, was so captivated by the sights, that she exclaimed: It's so nice, that you would think, it was the abroad. On the trip between Ry and Silkeborg IngeGerd decided in an instant: in this beautiful area - here we must live! She had, however, to pull her American husband - to get him on the idea of moving the family to Denmark.

Back then you could buy a house and then expect to find work. It was exactly, what Ingegerd's husband did. It may well be called courage in life: To move to an unknown country, to a small village, to buy a house - and move in with the whole family.

After many years abroad, USA, Poland, Germany and Greenland, the family finally settled down in Sejs. Years passed, but Ingegerd still missed the travels and meeting new people from around the world. So when the children gradually moved away from home, and their rooms were empty, she decided, that if she could not get to the people, then the people could come to her. Now Ingegerd has run her  Bed and Breakfast for 15 years and she receives guests from all over the world. Dissatisfied guests she has not - only good and positive experiences
- and a cozy life with happy people.

Ingegerd is a teacher. There has been a rapid development in education methods through the years, Ingegerd has worked as a teacher. But, as she says to me: Children are wonderful! We easily forget, how talented children are, and I love working with children. One of the things, I try to pass on to the children, is that it is not a matter of knowing everything. It is about knowing, where to find knowledge - to learn how to learn.

IngeGerd is also a teacher in the art of lace making. If you want to learn how to work the lace clubs, you can get a crash course - no extra charge.

Ingegerd is serving coffee on a small sunny spot in the beautiful old garden. We sit there on the bench and enjoying coffee together. She tells me about the many guests, who has come to the house through many years, and how a visit may lead to a friendship that lasts a lifetime. Riverboat Jazz Festival in Silkeborg is held every summer.

Years ago IngeGerd got one booking from Zealand - a couple wanted to stay at the house during the Jazz Festival. And the couple came back the follow—ing year. The family was not wealthy - and
asked, if they might turn up and sleep in a tent in the garden - wanting to stay at IngeGerds. And they came back again. And again. And again.

They have done that for 12 years. They enjoy themselves talking about jazz with the other guests staying in the rooms and in the hut, guests who all through the years have come back to attend the Jazz Festival. And IngeGerd enjoys it!

There are in general many repeat visitors at Ingegerd. Guests who attend the stallion licensing shows, dog shows and exhibitions, festivals, motor racing or family reunions.

Ingegerd offers a small cabin at the rear of the large garden and 2 double rooms on the first floor of the house. Between the rooms there is a common area with seating area, dishes, coffee maker, kettle, fridge, cupboard and microwave oven - if one does not prefer to be served Ingegerds
breakfast with homemade organic rolls. Cable TV and internet access in both rooms and in the cottage.

Are you going to the area around Silkeborg? Then visit IngeGerds - you will not regret it.

Sejs Bed and Breakfast
2 single or double rooms on the 1st floor. Rates incl. linen and towel. Organic breakfast can be served. Dogs are allowed. In the cottage you can bring bed linen and towels, or you can rent on site. Between the rooms there is a common area with seatings. Kitchen facilities and a shared bathroom.

Ingegerd Stevnhoved
Tyttebærvej 26, Sejs
8600 Silkeborg
Phone +45 87 24 40 25
Mobile +45 23 66 08 18

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