Visit three continents in Randers Rainforest

Randers - Randers Rainforest

Visit three continents in Randers Rainforest
You do not need expensive plane ticket or vaccinations to experience all three tropical rainforest continents with giant, trees, cascading waterfalls, with over 250 animal species and 450 different tropical plants. Just take a trip to Randers Rainforest and take your children as well, though many of the animals roam free, and you get close to particular monkeys, green iguanas, bats and sloths. Randers Rainforest is divided into three domes with animals from South America, Africa and Asia, but there are also smaller branches as snake farm with freeranging snakes, skull cave with closeflying bats and a saltwater aquarium is constructed as a sunken frigate.

The animal in you
Randers Rainforest is packed with fun, educational and exciting experience, where you will be challenged and surprised, how often there is overlap between animal and human behavior. In addition there are a variety of open events, ranging from face painting and lectures, special days with evening open and animal releases.

Unusual photos
For those interested in photography the Randers Rainforest holds the perfect motives. The three tropical domes is studded with fantastic motifs, ranging from manatees, snakes and marmosets to giant beetles, exotic plants and even luminous fungies. You can make photo tours in the domes to find the many exciting motifs. You will find toads, bats, nataber and worth seeing luminescent fungis. 

Open year round
Randers Rainforest is open 356 days a year and offers every day indoor and outdoor activities and amenities such as a large playground and a petting zoo, and a store filled with beautiful African wooden sculptures, musical instruments from South America and handicrafts from Southeast Asia and cuddly toys, puzzles in rubberwood and much more for younger children. Guests can bring their own food, but lunch at the Rainforest Cafe with views of god Valley is a good place to do with exploring trip in the tropics.

Randers Rainforest
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