Femmøller Beach and Ebeltoft

Femmøller Beach and Ebeltoft

That we at the time of writing, can present more than 20 private accommodations on Denmark’s nose-dripping part of the map - Djursland - is not so strange. 10 of these accommodations are located in Syddjursland in the fascinating area around Ebeltoft, Kalø Vig and Ebeltoft Vig:

Hos Fru Jensen, Hovedgaden 10a, Femmøller Strand

Sea View, Lillevej 2, Femmøller Strand

Femmøller Strand BB, Sænkningen 3, Femmøller Strand

Sommerhus Lyngsbæk Strand, Lyngsbæk Allé 1, Femmøller Strand

Thorup Gjæstgiveri, Pakhusvej 1, Knebel

Fyrpasserhuset, Sletterhagevej 54, Knebel

Fuglsø Kro Bed and Breakfast, Fuglsøvej 92, Fuglsø

BB Birthes Udsigtshus, Søskrænten 12, Ebeltoft

Vigen Ferielejligheder, Adelgade 5, Ebeltoft

Stutteri Ahl, Ahlvej 8, Ebeltoft

That there are so many accommodations in this relatively small area is of course, because of the many guests come to this absolutely incredibly beautiful place.

Femmøller Strand
Today you can especially enjoy the sight of the many small houses in this area, but also the many open spaces. The nature park at Femmøller Strand are worth a visit. Femmøller Strand is a good starting point for visiting the new National Park Mols Bjerge, Ree Park, Scandinavian Animal Park and Djurs Sommerland. Femmøller Strand is located on the coast approx. 5 km. from one of Denmark’s most beautiful towns, Ebeltoft.

Ebeltoft, founded around the year 1200 - is located in a protected cove, that was a good natural harbor in the old days. Ebeltoft received its first market town privilege as early as 1302. Trade in Ebeltoft has always been dependent on the port, and therefore a new port was built in 1901 - the same year that Ebeltoft was connected to the Aarhus-Grenaa railway line. Ebeltoft remained a relatively small market town with some industry, but with its good beaches and old market town environment, it became first and foremost a tourist town. Here you will find among other things, the Frigate Jutland and the Glass Museum.

Mols Bjerge - The heart of Denmark
The Folketing designated southern Djursland as the second national park in Denmark, and the official inauguration took place on 29 August 2009. Mols Bjerge National Park comprises approx. 18,000 hectares which, in addition to the Mols Bjerge itself, also includes large forest areas, grasslands, lakes and coastal and sea areas. The national park also  includes Ebeltoft City and the surrounding villages and holiday home areas. Mols Bjerge National Park provides good opportunities to ensure cohesive nature areas, which will strengthen plant and animal life and thus provide good nature experiences for the visitor.

Several roads through the national park
The national park can be experienced on foot, by bicycle, on horseback or from the car. However, it is not necessary to experience the entire national park at once. Perhaps the experience is best enjoyed, if it is divided into several chunks. The Mols route, from Grenaa to Aarhus is one of the larger walking and cycling routes that run through a large part of the national park. Along this route you come into close contact with the cultivated land, the lakes, the hills and the coast. In several places along the way there are primitive accommodation places, or you can stay overnight at Bed and Breakfast or in holiday apartments in the area. There are a number of other hiking and biking trails in the national park. More will come and together they form a wideranging network of opportunities for hiking and good experiences.

View to Kalø Vig
The small town of Knebel is located overlooking the entire bay, and you can glimpse Aarhus on the horizon. The area around Kalø Castle and Kalø Hovedgård is protected and is now part of Egens Vig in Mols Bjerge National Park together with the viewpoint Følle Vig - west of Kalø Castle. The royal Kalø Castle was founded by King Erik Menved around 1313 as one of at least four castles in Jutland to strengthen the royal power after extensive peasant up-risings. The castle was built on Kalø Vig, an island connected to the mainland via a dam.

Go to Djursland
This whole ice age landscape, with its stunning high vantage points - is fascinating and exciting to visit. You will not be bored for a moment. Whether you are looking for castles, museums, cities, forest and beach. We wish you a very nice trip ...

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