Take the family on a world tour you will never forget

Verdenskortet - the World Map

Take a walk through the beautiful grove down to Verdenskortet - the World Map - and read the new information around the world.

The World Map at Klejtrup Lake near Hobro is a mini version of the world with lakes, rivers, mountains and flags. The World Map was built by Danish-American Søren Poulsen - 1888-1969, in the years from 1944 until his death in 1969. To easier see the correct distance between the countries, the northern hemisphere is marked in two places, since a round ball is difficult to make flat. The Equator is marked with red poles.

The creator of the World Map, Søren Poulsen, was born in 1888 in Denmark. After spending some time in America, he returned to his hometown, where he took over his childhood home at Klejtrup Lake. One day, when the surrounding meadows were to be watered down, a stone very reminiscent of Jutland emerged. Then, Søren Poulsen got the idea to build his own small world.

With primitive aids, large stones were moved out onto the ice in winter and placed where they were to be used. When spring came, the stones could be tilted in place and slowly the world map took shape. Experience the whole world in mini edition with lakes, rivers, mountains and flags. The World Map is widely used as an atlas on the shores of the lake with lovely green spaces.

Along the way you can visit the listening post and the information pavilion and hear the story of Søren Poulsen’s World Map.

Hear how it all started and about the great work it has taken to shape the whole world. On the World Map you have the opportunity to jump from Europe to Africa or go from South America to Alaska in minutes.

In the park, you can eat your home prepared food or you can buy the food in the Café. You also have the opportunity to use the gas barbeque on site. You can buy a grill package with a sausage, chicken skewer, spareribs, potato salad, mixed salad and flutes for each person. You must remember to order the barbecue package at least two hours before your visit. Children can have fun in the activity area and coffee can be enjoyed with views of the world.

You can challenge family and friends on an 18-hole mini golf course, or during the summer months enjoy a boat trip in the Pacific. Although the waves sometimes go high, the water is not deeper than even the smallest can join.

In addition to travelling around the world, you can also try the tortuous maze.

In summer, you can ride a pony or ride a horse carriage. There are pet animals - On the World Map, you will find a lot of cute animals. You can pet a goat, say hi to a sheep, study the beautiful colors of the rooster’s plumage, or get a donkey ride. Also, remember to keep an eye on the small animal children which come to the world every year.

The kids can play on the big bouncy castle or borrow a pot of ready-made props for old games and play: viking games, stilts, go-to-Iceland-after-herring, boot throwing, tow, throw horseshoes, stick-Palle´s-eye-out, mikado, petanque and croquet - you will easily spend time here.

The World Map welcomes dinner- and coffee parties where you can sit by the covered dining area with large outdoor grill - grill dishes can be purchased, larger groups must be pre-ordered. Pre-ordering is required for companies.

Facts about the World Map:
The World Map was built by Danish-American Søren Poulsen in the years 1944-69.

• The card measures 45x90 m.
• 1 latitude of 111 km corresponds to 27 cm on the map.
• To better see the right distance between the countries, the Northern Hemisphere is marked in 2 places, as a round ball is difficult to level.
• Equator is marked with red poles.

Dogs must be on a leash as there are pet animals in the area. Brought food may be enjoyed in the park at the bench tables and in the tent.

Outdoor gas barbecue is available in the park in several sizes. The barbeques can be used for free, but must be cleaned after use.

Verdenskortet - the World Map
By Lisbeth Cassøe
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September, closed on Mondays and Tuesdays.


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