Ulstrup Kro Apartments and Rooms

Ulstrup Kro, Hovedgaden 11, 8860 Ulstrup

01.01.-31.12. Open

About Ulstrup Kro Inn

Ulstrup Inn consists of a cozy taproom, a restaurant that seats 40 guest, a larger banquet hall with the capacity of up to 90 guests and a terrace garden.
Furthermore, there is the possibility of overnight rental with 3 apartments and 4 bedrooms.

Ulstrup Inn is with its unique location in central Jutland the ideal place for a relaxed Sunday dinner. Our lovely rooms and our large banquet hall can create the frames for the big party as well as a smaller dinner party.

Ulstrup Inn serves a mix of traditional Danish food in both in the taproom and restaurant.

The 3 apartments and 4 rooms connected to the inn are all arranged and designed with the intention of creating a feeling of home and coziness for the guests.

Ulstrup Inn is located around 175 meters from Denmark’s longest river Gudenåen from where the newly added trail Trækstien follows along it. In connection to this there is a launching place for the canoes around 200 meters from the inn.

Ulstrup Inn dates back to the year of 1847, where a man from the local area had started up a little guesthouse and bakery south of the river.
In 1877 the old inn of Hvorslev was moved to Ulstrup to the spot of where it is located today, and the town of Ulstrup started slowly expanding after this.

The trail – also called Pramdragerstien – runs in a total length of 73 km along the Gudenåen. Gudenåen origins from Tinnet Krat until the river becomes one woth Randers Fjord. Take a trip on the old part of the trail in Favrskov

Tange lake with a sun boat.  
Tange lake Golf club, Hammel Golf Club, Randers Golf Club is located within 20 minutes by car from the inn.

Fishing in Put and Take and in and around Gudenåen and Tange lake.

Events and more around Ulstrup Kro:

Canoetrips or sailboats on:
ARoS Aarhus Kunstmuseum
Den Gamle By, Danmarks Købstadmuseum
Djurs Sommerland
Ree Park
Randers Regnskov
Skandinavisk Dyrepark
Moesgaard Museum
Visit Danmark Regioner

There are therefore opportunities for many activity fishing, golf, hiking along the Gudenåen hiking trail to the attractions in the catchment area

From  450 DKK per night 

Ulstrup Kro Apartments and Rooms offers:
Single room: 450 DKK
Double room: 700 DKK
Apartment: 495 DKK

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