Bridgewalking - the prospect of something special

Middelfart Bridgewalking

Bridgewalking - the prospect of something special
On the construction of the Old Little Belt Bridge you can now go Bridge Walking in the heights on the new major attraction of Middelfart. You need to travel to Sidney or Auckland to try something similar!  You can go to Sydney or Lillebælt. In both places you can walk above a bridge. Experience the height. The sinking feeling. The spectacular and unimpeded view. Enjoy the water. The ships. The view towards the land. The weather. The weak shaking of the bridge, when a train is rumbling over the bridge.

Bridgewalking Lillebælt is a new, unique attraction in Europe. Please come along and have quite a unigue experience, which has not been possible in Europe before. As Her Royal Higness Crown Princess Mary said, when she opened the new attraction: WAUW!

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The tour starts at the Welcome Centre, Galsklintvej 4. Here you will be received by knowledgeable guides, which prepares you for the amazing trip, you take on. Together you go by the Welcome Centre to the Old Little Belt Bridge, where you will be connected to a security system - and then it goes up! Up to 60 meters high and out on the trip over the bridge. Along the way the guide will tell about the bridge's architecture, history, construction and nature around the Little Belt.

Practical information
Do not bring cameras or other loose objects up on the bridge. The guides take pictures, which then gets uploaded onto their website, where you can go in and get them.

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Facts about Bridge Walking
The walk will take app. 2 hours including security instructions and changing. The tour takes place 60 metres above the Lillebælt surface. You will go in groups 20 persons at a time. Bridge Walking is only possible two other places in the world.

You must be minimum 140 cm tall. Do not forget to bring practical footwear. Bridgewalking is not suitable for wheelchair users and physically handicapped. For safety reasons you may not bring any loose objects. You will be supplied with a one-piece suit for the walk, which you are allowed to keep.

The beautiful old town
When you've been on Bridge Walking, it's a good idea to take a stroll through the town of Middelfart. It is a beautiful old city with a vibrant commercial life and good restaurants.

From the Old Port up towards the church and the city porpoises well found the old town of Middelfart. A beautiful area with old houses and cobblestone brings a special touch to the old town. The port runs parallel to the pedestrian zone, and The Hanging Gardens is located out to the belt.

In the old town is also Middelfart Museum Henner Friiser House built in 1575, which was restored in 2014. The museum has changing exhibitions. In the summer months there is walk in the old town of Middelfart, where you live can be told about the city and the history.

Middelfart was named in 123. Melfar was the original name for the town. Melfar means the waters traveling between or middle crossing. From ancient times Middelfart has been home for crossings from Jutland to Funen.

Porpoises city
Little Belt now has a large harbor porpoise population. From the 1500s was driven professional guinea pigs catch in Middelfart. It will no longer take place, as guinea pigs were listed in the 1967.

Guinea pig hunt was a big part of the livelihoods of the inhabitants of Middelfart. Interspersed from the porpoises were among others sold as lamp oil. Guinea pigs catch took place. The hunters splashed into the water with branches, and in this way the guinea pigs was chased into the Gamborg Inlet, where they were caught. Discover the history of animals and porpoises hunt for Guinea Pig Day in Middelfart.

The small whales can be seen in the Little Belt on whale watching aboard galeas Aventura or tour boat Mira3, both sailing from Middelfart Gl. Havn.
A very nice experience.

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