Nyborg - the Heart of Denmark with lovely accommodations

Nyborg - The Heart of Denmark

Nyborg - the Heart of Denmark with lovely accommodations
The town of Nyborg is beautifully situated by the Great Belt bridge linking the islands of Funen and Zealand. Back in the 12th century Valdemar the Great decided to fortify Nyborg, and the town expanded round the castle of the national assembly - Danehof - known as Nyborg Castle and the Church of Our Lady built by Queen Margrethe I. The two attractions were symbols of royal power in former times, and today they are must-sees, when visiting Nyborg - the first capital of Denmark. There is ample opportunity to find a lot of nice accommodations and Bed and Breakfast places, both in Nyborg, Kerteminde and in the region nearby, when you come to visit Nyborg city.

Join a guided city walk and learn more about how the first constitution of Denmark was signed at Nyborg Castle. Come and listen to the tale about the last Danish royal assassin put to trial and later condemned at Nyborg Castle. Experience the unique and peaceful Church Vor Frue Kirke with the highest spire in Denmark, and right next to it you can view Korsbrødregården the oldest building in Denmark.

Knights and Maidens
Once a year knights and maidens assemble in Nyborg for a large knightly tournament. This takes place at the former royal tournament square situated at the present Market Square between the town hall and Nyborg Castle. This is the only place in Denmark, where you can experience a knightly tournament in the authentic surroundings dating back to the Middle Ages. The knights travel here from Holland and specialize in reenacting our common European heritage. This year a total of 27 came to the camp of the knights. They fight with lances as in the Middle Ages and in the Renaissance. These are made from solid pinewood as were the lances ordered by King Christian III for a tournament in the 1550s. When visiting the exhibition with medieval arms and armouries feel free to try holding a lance yourself. Af—ter this trip back in history it’s time for a bite to eat, and a visit to one of the many restaurants of the town is highly recommended. Here we give you a selection:

Nyborg also offers culinary experiences
After taking a trip down memory lane, you can visit Den Gode Smag - The Good Taste - and have a culinary expirience. Den gode smag offers an oasis with lovely food with an exotic touch. You can also visit Restaurant Lieffroy, one of the best gourmet restaurants outside Copenhagen. 

When staying at one of the many Bed and Breakfast hosts in this region you have easy access to cycling trips in the picturesque landscape. You’ll pass a multitude of manor houses, woodlands and beaches, and on your way you’ll discover the many delicious products being sold from small shops and stalls. The association of food producers, Kongens Fadebur, as well as Nyborg Castle get inspiration from the medieval cuisine. Apple juice, mustard, honey and many other food products are for sale.

On your tour of the beautiful landscape don’t miss a visit to the two local microbreweries. The Refsvindinge Brewery is best known for its  Ale No 16 - but you can sample many other brews, followed by a night’s stay at one of the new cabins. They call this Beer, Bed and Breakfast, and this concept includes beer tasting, a tour of the brewery and an overnight stay. You can get more information about their beer tasting events on the webpage:  www.bryggerietrefsvindinge.dk. The microbrewery in Ørbæk includes a juice factory, a brewery and a distillery. At both breweries you can buy beer in bottles to bring back home. When visiting, you’ll sense the barley and mash in the air, and you can hear the sound of bottles in the production hall.

Nyborg Open Air Performance
If you visit Nyborg late in Summer, we recommend you combine your Bed and Breakfast stay with an evening at the open air performance on the ramparts by Nyborg Moat. This annual event goes back 75 years and is known nationwide for its fantastic staging of musicals. Volunteers carry out the brunt of the work. In 2015 the beloved musical Sound of Music is staged in the beautiful surroundings on the historic moat of Nyborg. Go away on a long weekend and enjoy one of the many accommodation in and around Nyborg, then you can also take the time to experience the concerts in the old banqueting hall at Nyborg Castle. The concert programme is varied, and performances of popular as well as classical music are given. At Anders Draghes Gård and the town museum Borgmestergården you can view a variety of art exhibitions.

The Great Belt Bridge
The most well-known work of art in Nyborg however remains the Great Belt Bridge. It is an outstanding work of engineering. It is the 3rd longest suspension bridge in the world, the 2nd longest submarine tunnel, and in fact it provides the highest point in Denmark. Experience the bridge from the coast in Nyborg or join one of the guided tours to the island of Sprogø.

Nyborg has so much to offer, that you need more than a day. Both the Host at your accommodation - your Bed and Breakfast host and the tourist information Visit Nyborg are pleased to give you inspiration for your trip to Nyborg and the lovely region surrounding Nyborg.

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