Northern Funen - Experiences for the whole family

Northern Funen - Experiences

Northern Funen - experiences for the whole family
Welcome to the top of Funen. On Northern Funen, you will find amazing nature, nice beaches, and many cozy towns. Northern Funen's coastline is the longest of the island's - 154 kilometers - and here, you have the opportunity to fish by some of Denmark's best fishing spots. You can sail with M/S Caster or walk out to Æbelø, see the new nature area by Gyldensteen Strand, go on a horse carriage ride at Enebærodde, visit Harridslevsgaard or go to Nordfyns Rosenfestival - the Rosen Festival of Northern Funen. You can also just visit Northern Funen to enjoy the atmosphere by fields, towns, and castles.

Æbelø has a unique nature with lovely beaches, idyllic forests, and beautiful plains. The small island became protected in 1998, so the nature takes care of itself. When go to the island, you will find nature paths, where you are allowed to walk. The island is desolated, so it is important that you bring water, food, and trash bags yourself. To get to the island, you can either take the boat M/S Castor or walk yourself. You have to mind some things if you go by yourself.

If you want to avoid flood, you should avoid going two hours before and after high tide. When the tide is at its highest, the water reaches about the hip of an average adult. When the tide is lowest, the water reaches about the ankles. Be aware of the tidal water and the wind direction, when going the water route. It is commonly a bad idea to visit Æbelø by night - you will have a hard time orientating and the tide is not low everywhere. If you walk the water route, old sneakers, waders, slippers or crocs are good choices of footwear. Rubber boots are not a good idea, unless the tide is very low.

Gyldensteen Strand
Gyldensteen Strand is, with its 616 acres, Funen's largest nature-rebuild. Gyldensteen Strand was previously dammed in, and the area was full of fields and farmland. Now, the dams are gone and the water is back - and the nature area is recreated as a shallow coast lagoon and a fresh water sea.

By Gyldensteen Strand there are great hiking paths with amazing views. Two bird towers has been placed, which can be used as vantage points. You are able to bring you own lunch, which can be enjoyed by the many tables and benches around the area. If you want a private, guided tour by Gyldensteen Strand with information about the beautiful area, you can contact Visit Northen Funen at +45 64 81 20 44.

Horse carriage ride
In Northern Funen, you can also go on a horse carriage ride at Enebærodde (Junipers point). At Enebærodde you will pass deciduous and pine tree forests, planted in the 1800s, and you will see Funen's largest moor with the beautiful heather and the junipers that gave name to the area. On the trip, you will be guided by Bjarne Kim Pedersen, who will tell all the exciting stories about the area, its nature, and the people, who used to live there. Bjarne will serve a sandwich and a drink on the ride.

You can go on the ride in the afternoon or the evening. Tickets can be booked online a Visit Nordfyn's website or at +45 64 81 20 44. It is prohibited to drive at Enebærodde, so if you will not go on the horse carriage ride, you will have to walk or bike to see the point.

Harridslevgaard Castle by Bogense offers - as the only manor hall on Northern Funen - a look inside. At the castle, you can experience big, beautifall halls with antique furniture and many special details. Harridslevgaard Castle has not always had the same name - back in the days, it was called Harridslevgaard Røverslottet (the pirate castle). The castle was used as a stronghold for pirates in the Middle Ages.

Back then, the water went all the way up to Harridslevgaard, so you had a clear view to the ocean. On iron hooks on the castle tower, the pirates hang lights out to trick ships into believing it was a lighthouse - and then they robbed the ships for everything of value.
Many understandably complained about the pirates' robberies, so the sly king had the pirates executed.

The castle is open in the summer and the autumn break. By appointment, the castle is open all year for tours for larger groups of guests.

Nordfyns Rosenfestival
Nordfyns Rosenfestival takes place in Bogense every year in the first weekend of August, where the town of Bogense is flourishing with beautiful flower decorations in the theme of the year. On the festival, you can enjoy the sight and scent of more than 100.000 roses. Music and markets are present - and many crafts stalls are opened in the streets, food market on the town square and exclusive tours in the rose fields.

Nordfyns Rosenfestival takes place early August.

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