Faaborg and the Southern Funen Archipelago - Enjoy the fjord, the nature, culture and activities

Faaborg - Southern Funen Archipelago

Faaborg and the Southern Funen Archipelago - Enjoy the fjord, the nature, culture and activities
The name of the city Foburgh, it is believed to mean Fox Borg, is first mentioned in 1229, when King Waldemar hands over the town to his Portuguese daughter in law - Princess Eleonora - as a present. The old town of Faaborg, with its small and cozy streets is regarded as a beautiful backdrop for some of the most beautiful areas in Denmark with the islands Bjørnø, Lyo, Avernakø and Aero. The area offers many opportunities for an active holiday.

Spring in the fjord
The Faaborg Harbour Bath is located a few hundred meters from the towns center, and from there you can jump directly to Faaborg Fjord. There is a children's pool, a sauna and toilets. In the same area you can find the local kayak harbor, from which you can start paddling a kayak.

Bell Tower, city gate and guard
The Bell Tower, the landmark of the city, is a relic of St. Nicholas church, which was demolished in the mid 1500s. The oldest parts of the tower dates from the end of the previous century. The view from the tower over the red roofs of the city, the natural area Svanninge Hills and the Baltic Sea is fabulous. From the bell tower, the largest carillon sounds Funen every day at 8, 12, 16 and 20 clock. The towns guard walks in the summer, from 29.06 - 08.23 every evening, starting at the Bell Tower, at 21-22 clock his evening rounds. The town gate Vesterport was built in around 1400 and is the only remaining towngates of probably three in Faaborg. There is only one similar medieval town gate in Denmark.

Svanninge hills and mountains
One of the most exciting natural areas on Funen is Svanninge and Svanninge Bjerge. The area is situated only three kilometers north of Faaborg and is ideal for a walking holiday on the marked trail Øhavsstien. The unique area is created after the last ice age and is a very interesting geological area.

Øhavsstien is 220 km of well-marked trail system that runs along the archipelago - south of the coast and the island of Langeland. You can at the tourist office in Faaborg get a free maps of the entire trail, or selected portions of it. The book Øhavsstien - walking around the islands - is available in Faaborg Tourist Office.

Bicycle tours
Fyn is a great place for cycling. We have created a regional bike map with a accompanying book of the official bike trails. The trails are marked with blue letters and numbers and gives a good overview of the routes. Local bike maps of the most beautiful trails in the area is offered. All maps are available in Faaborg Tourist Office.

Egeskov - and other attractions
Egeskov Castle, of 1554, is one of the largest and most famous tourist attraction of the island. With its Veteran automobile and Veteran Airoplane  Museeum it is an award winning park with playgrounds for young and older. Egeskov is exciting for the whole family - no matter what interests you.

See www.visitfaaborg.dk for offers in culture, nature, active holidays and especially good food.

Welcome to Faaborg and the Southern Funen Baltic Sea.

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