Røgeri Hindsholm - a 5 star food experience

Fyens Hoved - Røgeri Hindsholm

Røgeri Hindsholm - a 5 star food experience
Røgeri Hindsholm (Smokehouse Hindsholm) in Måle, close to Kerteminde, is run by Per Knuppert. The smokehouse was opened in 2013. Per decided early on in the start up that he would only produce and sell products of the highest quality. This now means, Røgeri Hindsholm, beside the sale to private consumers in his shop is also delivering products to about 15 of the very best chefs in Danmark - some with Michelin stars.

Røgeri Hindsholm was started on the base of Per’s few year long philosophers study in Italy. He studied cultural differences in Europe. The study was finished with a project on traditional Italian preparation methods within the culinary - salting, fermenting, smoking, maturation, and storing. When Per finished the study in 2010, He started to develop meat and fish products that - since the opening of the shop in 2013 - has been used for taste samples in the shop and restaurant.

The Philosophy behind Røgeri Hindsholm
At Røgeri Hindsholm, quality is the most important basis for the company. Only the best products are good enough. Price is not a challenge in development of new products - if they are not good enough, Per will start over until they meet his strict requirements for his gourmet products.

The philosophy and goal is always to optain the sublime quality, worthy of a Michelin-restaurant, it states on Røgeri Hindsholm’s website.

The shop
In the shop today, you can find:

  • Smoking with speciality in cold smoking
  • Gourmet specialities - especially from Italy and Corsica
  • An outdoor restaurant - spring and summer
  • Speciality in finding gourmet products by the chefs request
  • Balsamic- og wine vinegar production

Summer restaurant
At Røgeri Hindsholm, besides the store, a little restaurant is present - a trattoria. The restaurant only has five tables with chairs - all outside under parasols. It is important, if you want to secure a table, that you book at least one day in advance - and do not forget to take the weather into account when booking.
In the trattoria, you can get a nice cup of mocca, something for the sweet tooth and - if you are hungry - a plate of food. The menu varies from day to day - depending on the season, what you can find in the vegetable garden, and which products are in stock.

If there is no room in the restaurant, you can get a tapas menu to-go - then you can enjoy the tasteful specialties in the beautiful nature surrounding Kerteminde - or simply bring it home. A rapas menu consist of various hams, salamis, pancholetto, bacon, cheeses, oils, and olives - all depending on production and stock.

Kerteminde is Funish idyll at its finest. The city is an old borough, which are visible - looking at the small streets with red tile roofs and old merchant’s houses. This creates a special atmosphere - right out to the harbor facing the Great Belt.

In Kerteminde, the focus is for the business community and culture to live side by side - and there is room for everyone. You will find both big city vibes, hills and fields, idyllic houses, marinas, and a shipyard walking around the city.

The harbor is the most actively used for fishing on Funen. Many of the fish distributed on the island, comes from Kerteminde.

Around Kerteminde, e.g. by Hindsholm - all the way up by Fyns Hoved (Funen’s head) - the animal life and nature is amazing. The beaches by Kerteminde are called “The Sun Coast”, having the driest climate in the country and beautiful white sand beaches.

In the city of Kerteminde, you can visit Johannes Larsen Museum. The museum consist of the famous painter’s villa, studio, guesthouse, an exhibit building with many of his works, and Svanemøllen (the swan mill). There are lots of lovely paintings, beautiful sculptures, a garden with rare trees, and a café in one of the buildings. Besides this, an activity room for children, where they can draw and paint - after having been inspired by the many paintings in the museum.

Røgeri Hindsholm
Smokehouse, shop, and restaurant
Stavrevej 4, Måle, 5300 Kerteminde
Telefon +45 66 11 25 03
Mobil +45 30 32 66 03

Opening hours
Shop: Monday and Tuesday: Closed
Wednesday to Sunday: 9.00-21.00

Monday and Tuesday: Closed
Wednesday to Sunday: 12.00-16.00 - lunch 

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