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Bed and breakfast Åløkke
About 8 kilometres west of Nyborg, you will find the old Åøkkegaard farm, which sets the scene for Bed and breakfast - Åløkke. Here the hostess Lone Frost welcomes her guests to holidays and stays in comforting and rural surroundings, which quickly reminds you, why Funen is called the garden of Denmark. We have visited Bed and Breakfast - Åloekke, for a chat with Lone about the Åløkkegaard farm in the past.

The Bed and Breakfast on the farm Åløkkegaard
By branching off the busy main road just before the village of Aunslev, when coming from Nyborg, you will find yourself being guided along small windy roads through the Danish countryside. In the end you will meet a white courtyard farm on your right hand side. This is the Åløkkegaard farm, which, depending on what time of the year you’re visitting, lies like a cosy little corner, squeezed in between recently sown meadows, undulating grain fields or ploughed fertile soil. And the Åløkkegaard farm really wants to welcome you. From when you drive down the avenue of chestnut trees, to when you cross the cobblestoned farmyard and finally to when you feel at home in one of the newly restored and comfortable rooms, you are invited in for a rural holiday in cosy and countrified surroundings. And everybody’s welcome. As one of the few Bed and Breakfasts in Denmark, Bed and Breakfast - Åløkke welcomes both people and their pets. Thus both having room for e.g. dogs and a stable for horses. The old farm was built in 1859 by an enterprising farmer’s family, who at the time had numerous acres of land. Thus being handed down from generation to generation, each one leaving their stamp on the farm. And as times changed, so did the the Åløkkegaard farm’s appearance. To put it mildly, The farm needed a bit of gentle looking after, when I took over in 2002. The farm had been part of modern farming, and had none of the charm, it has today Lone Frost says and continues But then there was nothing for it but to get cracking with recovering the farm’s soul.

Holiday experiences on Funen
Finally in 2005, Lone Frost opened the doors to a revived Åløkkegaard farm with 5 modern rooms and one elegantly restored holiday apartment, for the purpose of offering her visitors a good starting point to their holiday experiences of Funen. After all, The island of Funen covers a wide range of experiences, and from here, my guests have a good oppurtunity to visit the many beautiful castles such as the castles of Egeskov and Nyborg, or to go to Odense and visit the Hans Christian Andersen museum, Brandt’s cloth mill, which today serves as a museum of modern art, or to visit The Danish Railway Museum. And if you want to spend a summer’s by the beach, both the beaches of Nyborg and Nordenhuse lies within a range of 4 to 6 kilometres Lone Frost says. Funen also offers many other exciting cultural and natural experiences. So should you get lost in the crowd of offers, Bed and Breakfast - Åløkke would be more than happy to assist with the help and planning of day trips on Funen as well as in the rest of the country. That Bed and Breakfast - Åløkke is a welcoming place, and that Bed and Breakfast - Åløkke would go a long way to make your holidays as comfortable as possible, should thus be no secret. Lone Frost is looking forward to welcoming you year round on her Bed and Breakfast.

Bed and Breakfast - Aaløkke
Lone Frost
Aaløkkevej 60
5800 Nyborg
Mobil +45 40 74 73 43

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