Kathrinelyst Overnatning - host article

Kathrinelyst Overnatning - host article

Kathrinelyst Overnatning
Henriette welcomes us with a big smile. We will be staying on the 1st floor in a double room with the most wonderful view over the park and the Little Belt. After settling in, we go for a walk in the beautiful garden with the view and the contrasts between the sea and the black silhouettes of the trees - in the sparkling sunshine. It is simply a breathtaking place.

Henriette and her husband Brian tinker around in the garden. They constantly find things, that can be improved and create joy for their guests. Right now they are in the process of making a small garden pavilion, so that guests can enjoy the beautiful view even in bad weather.

Everywhere you will find small cozy corners and terraces with benches and garden furniture, where you can settle down in peace and quiet. The soul finds rest here. After a good night’s sleep, the lovely breakfast is served in the large dining room with all kinds of delicacies. Fresh fruit and delicious cold cuts are just a few of the ingredients. While we enjoy breakfast, Henriette tells us a bit about the family’s history.

My parents bought the farm in 1974. It was a farm without water and heat. The pigeons flew in and out of the windows - which for many were without panes - not that it bothered the more than 100 wild cats, that had also settled in the farmhouse. Despite my grandmother’s cries, my father bought the farm - he wanted to cultivate the land, says Henriette.

Then the major renovation of the farm began. My parents built 5 apartments, that my mother planned to use as vacation rentals for families, who wanted to vacation in the countryside and by the water. And an apartment for themselves. I was 2 years old, so I grew up here on the farm with my brother - who still lives in the apartment next door. The renovation was finished and the summer guests moved in. There was life everywhere. Holiday children played in the garden - ran to the beach and bathed. Back then you didn’t just take one or two nights - like today - well - you went on holiday for weeks at a time. At the beginning of the eighties, the concept slowly changed to become more like it is today - a Bed and Breakfast.

My father was only 62 when he died in 1996, and then my mother subsequently chose to live on the farm. My brother did that too - and with joint help, my brother and mother managed to continue running the farm. Shortly after, my mother becomes seriously ill, but we also find a way through those challenges with joint help. In 2003, my mother starts talking about wanting to let go of the reins.

My husband and I had already decided, that we wanted to take over. We were three siblings who had to come to an agreement. But it quickly fell into place, and in 2005 we sold our house in Middelfart and moved back to my childhood home. My mother stayed on the farm even after we took over, but we each had our own household. So now, there were three generations living together.

It was a huge privilege for us that there always was someone we could draw on if the boys were sick, or we were busy with renovations or work. My mother often relieved me by serving breakfast to the guests. It was a win-win situation for all of us and we valued our opportunities and each other.

Both my husband and I had full-time jobs. And with 3 boys to look after and raise, we chose to throttle down the rental for a number of years. But when the children moved away from home, I wanted to invest in the business at home, and we started taking holiday guests and stays in again. At the same time, I took an education as a masseuse - a choice that meant, that I would be able to work from home - and it is an occupation, that can easily be adapted to my other activities with Bed and Breakfast.

Now I am lucky enough to have a husband, who supports me 100% in the choices I make. Otherwise, all this could not be done at all.

Kathrinelyst Bed and Breakfast
Directly by the Lillebælt - spectacular views and magnificent large garden. Large apart-ment and 3 double rooms with sea view. Private beach. There is free access to coffee or tea in the rooms. In total, there are beds for 14 people. Suitable for family stays. Prices are ex bed linen in the apartment DKK 75 per person per stay, but bed linen is incl. included in the room rental price. Breakfast DKK 75 per person per night. Packed lunches can be prepared at the breakfast table for DKK 75 per person per packed lunch. Massages can be ordered.

Kathrinelyst Bed and Breakfast
Østre Hougvej 150
5500 Middelfart
Mobile: +45 27 69 62 67
E-mail: kathrinelyst@mail.dk

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