Dodekalitten at Lolland

Kragenæs - Dodekalitten

Dodekalitten at Lolland
In a field by Kragenæs at Lolland - with view to Smålandshavet - you will find a different experience.

A monument, which has to give everyone, locals as travelers, an experience of greatness, proximity and beauty, migration and residence, proudness and humbleness, past, present - and last, but not least - future - it is Dodekalitten.

Made of the Rolls Royce of granite
The word dodekalit has roots in Greek. It means twelve rocks, and the monument will, when it is completely done in 2025, contain 12 stones exactly.

Each of the rocks are 7-9 meters tall and weighs between 25-45 ton. The top 2 meters are carved as heads and all face center in a circle with a diameter of 40 meters. The rocks are made from larvikite granite - the Rolls Royce of granite. The rocks are picked from quarries in Sweden and Norway.

At Dodekalitten, a speaker system is built in - spreading electro acoustic music - right into the large circle - and the music plays in the light hours of the day. The music substantiates and enhances the story of the rocks - and the rocks do the same about the music.

The first rock in the collection was ready in 2006, and since more has come. In September 2018, two new rocks were ready. The total amount is now four out of twelve rocks in total.

The best experience of Dodekalitten is achieved by parking in Kragenæs and walking along Glentehøjstien, either from the harbor behind the campsite, along hjertestien through the forest, or from Glentehøjstien’s start by Kragenæsvej. The walk is approximately 15 minutes.

By the harbor office and the campsite, you can get more information about the project.

For elderly or handicapped, it is possible to park at the end of Glentehøjvej, but please note that busses cannot turn here - and there is a maximum capacity of 5 cars.

The story behind Dodekalitten
The composer, Gunner Møller Pedersen, got the idea for the project Dodekalitten, when he experienced the sculptor Thomas Kadziola’s Land Art project through Anemarken in 2006.

The two artists, Gunner and Thomas, chose to cooperate on the new piece of art, which is now known as Dodekalitten. Gunner Møller Pedersen wrote, as the background for the whole project, the legend about Lolernes story and Dodekalitten at Lolland. Gunner Møller Pedersen retreated from the project in 2015.

Since October 2018, music, composed for Dodekalitten by composer Wayne Siegel, has sounded daily from the four speakers. The electronic music composition is called Solkreds 1 (Solar circuit 1). It is a beautiful piece of music in combination with the large rock figures.

Lolerne came from the south
For around 7.500 years ago, the waters were rising - sending Lolerne North. Some of them settled at the island, we now call Lolland.

Up to this day, you can still find evidence from the rich culture, they left all over, where they settled - from Ravnsby to Ravnsholt, more than 70 barrows are preserved. Some of them are passage graves. Read more about Dodekalitten here:

Lolland is rural idyll, twisted woodland paths, and never-ending white sand beaches. And it is actually the place in Denmark with the highest possibility for nice weather.

If you have decided to spend your vacation in Denmark, and cross fingers, toes, and everything else - for nice weather - you better face South and go to Lolland. The largest of the southern Danish islands is, according to the Danish Meteorological Institute, the place in Denmark with the highest average temperatures. And it is also the place with the least rain.

It might be, Bornholm is known as the Sunshine Island, but it would also be quite fair, if Lolland was nicknamed the Summer Island - especially because Lolland is also in the top, when it comes to sunshine hours.

At the southern coast of Lolland, nice sand beaches wring close by cozy summer residence areas, and there is also a varied nature with both contained land areas with rich animal- and plant life, luxuriant nature parks and large fruit plantations on the island.

A lot of the places can be visited on your own, and there is an exiting variety of experiences at the island.

Have a great time on the Summer Island in Smålandsfarvandet!

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