Anders in Kaptajnhuset BB - host article

Kaptajnhuset BB - host article

Anders in Kaptajnhuset BB - Skælskør

Anders is from Northern Jutland. When he many years ago met the woman, who should become his wife - she came from Skælskør - he moved - and gave up his childhood country.

17 years ago Anders bought an old town house - in the middle of the beautiful old seafaring town Skælskør. The house contained enough space for him and his four children.

Skælskør was in the mid-1800s a large verdant like many other coastal towns in Denmark. At that time there were at least 60 merchant ships belonging to the port, and they plied the seas with all sorts of products.

Two brothers were captains and the owners of some of these ships. They earned good money on shipping, and therefore built their own beautiful houses on the same forest road on the outskirts of the city. The houses were almost identical. And Anders bought one of them and decorated it, into what is now called The Captains House Bed and Kitchen in Skælskør.

But first, we have to go back 10 years in time. Anders was divorced from his wife - The children started leaving home - and suddenly there was too much space in the house - for a single. The children had no further use for their rooms. Anders had many thoughts - what the future should bring to him now. On my street, says Anders, one of my acquaintances rented rooms to summer visitors. And there were always cars parked at his house. He called me one day, and asked me, if I had room for a guest, as his rooms were full.

Now Anders organized his Annex for rent and later two more double rooms. His acquaintance on the road had many guests from the nearby power station - the electric plant was refurbished - and therefore had many craftsmen, who needed accommodation. Anders quickly got busy. Through the years more rooms where furnished - now he offers four doubles and the Annexe.

Anders has three great passions in his life: Bed and Breakfast, retro interior design and to build and care for his beautiful old garden. That is, why Anders Bed and Breakfast house is decorated in retro-style with retro furnitures. Each room is furnished in a color theme: The green room, the red, the blue and the yellow. The Annex is called The cottage.

Anders is a laid back person, who has contact and cooperation with many of the companies, that is based in the town. He cooperates with the towns hostels, with Hotel Postgården and not least with the international ceramic center Guldagergård - located there. Guldagergård attracts many ceramic artists from around the world. They come to the town to work on their craft and to learn about ceramic opportunities. And so some stay with Anders. On the whole, there is an international atmosphere throughout the house, where the main language has become English. Also many hiking and cycling tourists come to Skælskør, and all guests enjoy the lovely relaxed atmosphere of the house and the beautiful surroundings.

The garden is a place, where time is swallowed up for Anders. He spends many hours on the care of his garden. He has over the years built seven beautiful cozy places around the courtyard and in the garden. All different and all individually decorated with furniture and plantations. And his guests enjoy off course all his hard work and effort.

Anders guests can order a delicious breakfast package meal. It offers chili sausages, eggs, bread and rolls, two kinds of cheese with olives and jam, yoghurt and muesli, oatmeal, raisins and almonds, coffee, tea and milk, freshly squeezed juice and butter. Nobody walks hungry away from the house.

Anders greatest passion is his Bed and Breakfast. The happy people that visits, the joy of talking to people from all over the world. In fact the passion is so great that he dreams of being able to live of his Bed and Breakfast in the future.  But, as Anders says, we will see, if I can make the dream a reality.

Annex and 4 single or double rooms. Extra is Breakfast package and bed linen. Access to shared kitchen. Opportunity for private bath. Communal living room. Large old garden with terraces and 7 cozy corners. Free wifi and TV. 

Anders Sørig
Skovvej 15
4230 Skælskør
Mobile +45 30 42 12 92

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