Møns Klint and Geo Center

Møns Klint - And Geo Center

Møns Klint and Geo Center

If you drive through the gentle southern Zealand landscapes, you are not prepared for the dramatic change in nature, that meets you at the cliff of Møn. The cliff is one of the most spectacular natural wonders in Denmark. It is 7 km long and extends from the Cliffs lighthouse in the south to Liselund Park in the north. The white chalk cliffs stretching more than 128 meters up against a bright blue sky. An impressive sight that draws visible traces 70 million years back in history. The cliffs were formed during the last ice age. Microscopic deposits of small animals were squeezed into, what we knows, under the name of chalk.

The chalk consists mainly of the remains of calcareous shells of microscopic algae. If you're lucky, you'll find fossil traces of them on the beach at the foot of the cliff. The fossils are nice. You can find much fossilized squid, sea urchins and mussels. The present impressive hilly terrain is constantly changing. On average a layer of 20 and 40 centimeters disappears into the sea every year. Due to the risk of falling pieces, certain areas are periodically closed off.  Walking by the cliff is at your own risk.

At the cliff you can enjoy the sight of beautiful and varied flora and fauna - up to 18 different species of wild orchids grow here. However, you are not allowed to pick the plants. The rocks and the plants are protected - so you have to make do with a photograph. If you are patient, you might see peregrine falcons in the air. They have returned after 30 years, and now breed on the steep chalk cliffs as the only place in Denmark.

You can make some incredible shots to bring home. The cliff never looks the same, and shades change according to the colour of the sea. Whether you are at the beach, or on the rocks or sailing past, the cliff of Møn will always be an experience, that you will never forget.

At the top of the cliff 128 meters above sea level lies Geo Center Møns Klint. The exhibition at the center is a great, interactive exhibition designed as a journey of 70 million years in which hightech exhibition techniques, artists' free interpretations and rare fossils, brings you from the bottom of the Cretaceous sea, and all the way to the unique nature found on the cliffs today. The exhibition of 1200 m2 consists of a part of past- and present days, a work shop, a climbing cave, a small cinema in the glacier and a 3D cinema.

The workshop is the workshop, where children and adults all day is doing a lot of exciting activities with nature guide. It is Northern Europe's most modern science center. Additionally there are 3 daily expeditions down the longest staircase in Denmark to search for fossils. Geo Center Møns Klint is open 7 days a week throughout the season, which always runs from Saturday before Easter to 31. of  October. Between 31. of  October and Saturday before Easter, the exhibition is closed for the winter.

Discover the Cliff on horseback
At Møn Islændercenter (Icelandic Horse Farm) you can ride every day in one of the most beautiful landscapes in Denmark, in the woodlands by the rocks with views beyond edge or galloping across the open pastures. Both experienced and less experienced riders can join, and in mixed teams and there are normally two guides on the trip.

Art and culture on Møn
At Møn there is art and culture everywhere. Music, literature, museums, galleries and creative forces and enthusiasts are helping to create the life and the atmosphere, that you can take part in, when on holiday on Møn.

Bakkegården Gæstgiveri at Møns Cliff is an obvious choice, if you are looking for accommodation in a living gallery, where 15 artists, craftsmen and designers have decorated beautiful rooms - half of them with sea views. And you will stay within walking distance to the Cliffs. You will be served colorful and tasty food, preferably organic and of local products. You will be able to enjoy the food in a dining room with panoramic views of the Baltic Sea and a stunning view over the rolling countryside on Møn. In addition, you can attend Art Classes and Workshops or visit the Art Gallery at Bakkegården.

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