Faarevadskrog BB - on track of life - host article

Faarevadskrog BB - host article

Anne and Peter have lived in this lovely place between Skælskør and Næstved for 7 years - since 2012. It was the fate that intervened - on this spot the couple had to live. It was written in the great universal book.

We found the house for sale on the internet, says Peter. The place appealed to us a lot, but we thought it was too big - and there was too much for us to care for with 7 acres of land and garden.

One of my colleagues knew that we were looking for a place, where we could have land for animals and horses. And she told us her mother had a place just like that for sale. It was this farm. We agreed that now we had to come and see the place - there were higher powers trying to tell us something. So we made an appointment for a viewing  and fell flat for the place right away. It was our dream home.

In 2011, it was even very difficult to be allowed to borrow money for house purchases. The financial crisis raged - it’s the outskirts of Denmark this place - and even so there was great interest in buying the property, and it ended in a bidding round. Although we had not yet received a mortgage loan, we simply had to bid on the farm anyway.

We won the bidding round but still did not have the funding in place. We were honest about that in our conversation with our colleague’s mother. She liked us and she wanted us to buy the place. So she was patient and gave us the chance to raise the purchase price.

It so happened that I was at a meeting with my lawyer in another connection. He worked in the same house as the bank Spar Lolland. The lawyer and I came to talk about the strange situation Anne and I were in, and he said he would look closely at the cases for us. In a short time we were approved by the bank and were able to buy the farm. It was a great day. Anne could now fulfill her dream of having a Bed and Breakfast and we could move into this wonderful place.

Anne and Peter met at a hostel on Funen 35 years ago. Anne came from southern Germany - but moved to Denmark for Peter and the love. Peter is from Zealand and lived in Rødovre at that time and was trained as a yoga teacher. So the couple settled in Copenhagen. Peter got interested in music therapy and was admitted to the University of Aalborg. The family moved to North Jutland.

The education as a music therapist was completed and both Anne and Peter got a job up there in the north, and bought a house far out in the countryside in a small village, with their 2 sons. Later, the family bought a farm at Jammerbugten - and that is where they learned to love to live in the countryside. But at one point, the marriage came through a difficult time - Anne and Peter lived separately for a 5-year period before they reunited. They never managed to get divorced. Their friendship and love carried them through.

We sit in Cafe Wisteria, a terrace covered with - yes - wisteria - in glorious sunshine, drinking coffee while we talk. There is a wonderful tranquility over the place - far out in the countryside where a small country road ends in a wheel track - a small dirt road is leading to the farm.

Today Peter is working in therapy and meditation - especially with young people who have gotten a little lopsided with life. In addition to working full time as therapists, they run their Bed and Breakfast together, conduct therapy courses and offer on-site individual therapy. Both Anne and Peter are riders and there is plenty of room for their lovely horses on the farm.

Anne and I take a walk around the huge old garden with fruit trees and lots of climbing roses - there are flowers everywhere. It is not a truncated and trimmed English rose garden we go through. It is a natural garden with pristine nooks and a relaxed atmosphere that meets us. It is, on the whole, a place where there is room for thought. There is a tranquility rarely found anywhere in our hectic world.

Anne and Peter have decorated a wing on the farm for Bed and Breakfast. And everyone who visits them says the same as I do. What a great place to have. We would like to come again...

BB Faarevadskrog

Living room, small kitchen, bedroom and bath on a hobby farm, situated completely undisturbed in nature, close to the hiking and cycling path Fodsporet. The place is suitable for families with children as well as recreational opportunities, refuges or for therapy and courses.

BB Faarevadskrog
Anne Frederiksen 
Appelsbjergvej 2, Hyllested
4261 Dalmose
Mobile +45 25 43 42 68
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