The Garden in Hune and other tales

Hune and Blokhus

Blokhus - where the world gathers in summer

The world’s largest sandcastle in Blokhus
At the Sculpture Park in Blokhus, nothing less than the world’s largest sandcastle was in the summer of 2021. The huge sandcastle had a diameter of 32 meters and a height of 21 meters and 16 centimetres. With the choice of exactly this height, they went for a place in the attractive record book, the Guinness World of Record. The Grand Opening was on Friday July 2nd with free admission to the Sculpture Park, music, speeches, stories about the project and the sandcastle as well as champagne. If you are lucky, you may still be able to see the castle - but it was expected at the opening that the castle could only be seen for 6 months, i.e., until January 2022 - regardless of the weather.

Perhaps the smallest town in world - with traffic light
Light regulation in perhaps the smallest village in Denmark - namely Hune - which you have to go through to get to the most beautiful long sandy beach at Blokhus, has had its challenges over the last year. Blokhus is a popular holiday town, which brings about 1 million guests to the area every year. One of the highlights is Blokhus Strand, which is a bathing beach with fine light sand that borders a dune territory. Every year between 1 May and 30 September, the 47 characteristic white beach houses are set up on the beach. So where does Hune come into this picture?

Yes - Hune is a tourist town with 653 inhabitants - just 2 kilometres east of Blokhus. There is only 650 meters be-tween the city signs of the 2 towns. On a good summer’s day, some 60,000 people go to the beach, and they all go out and home at about the same time. It caused major traffic challenges. So, it was decided that perhaps the world’s smallest town should have a traffic light in the main street. Shortly after the traffic light had been inaugurated, there were countless protests that the traffic light had been built at all. So, it was turned off again on July 20th to see how that would affect the traffic. It did not work either. A new traffic light -with a bus lane - is now being planned because it is two kilometres of the busiest road in the entire Jammerbugt municipality. Price: 1.5 million kroner. It will be exciting to see if the Hune residents now will see the light - and for how long...

Anne Just’s Garden
A place that always lights up in the Blokhus area is Anne Just’s Garden, where floral art and architecture merge into a beautiful unity. The garden is a flourishing and architecturally beautiful oasis, laid out by the late florist painter Anne Just and her hus-band, architect Claus Bonderup.

Anne Just’s Garden is a flower painter’s garden of approx. 7400 sqm created with colourthemed small gardens in a hilly area. Today, it all appears as one large colourful garden of experience, supplemented by a shop, painting exhibition, plant sales, book publications and much more. The garden is made up of several experience spaces, each of which has a special colour that creates a unique atmosphere and scent, e.g., Red Garden, Yellow Garden, and Iris Hill. When the garden is open to the public, it is possible to enjoy a cup of coffee or tea with homemade pastry or a butter bun.

In the shop there is a large selection of postcards, posters with motifs from Anne Just’s paintings, garden items, ceramics, plants and much more. In the studio there is a permanent exhibition of Anne Just’s paintings and ceramics, just as there will be various lectures and musical events during the season. Guided tours for groups.

H.C. Andersen in North Jutland
Perhaps the largest paper-cutting museum in the world with an exhibition of an original clip by H.C. Andersen: ... to cut, this is the first beginning for the poetry, H.C. Andersen wrote in a letter to Dorothea Melchior July 21st, 1867. Museum of Paper Art exhibits H.C. Andersen’s famous paper clip - Mølle-manden. Many clips from H.C. Andersen’s hand contains a riddle, a rebus puzzle or a kind of funny pun that you can try to solve. With this specific clip, often called Møllemanden, one of the fairy tale writer’s favourite motifs is seen and he cut it many times throughout his life. For example, he also created the motif as both male Møllefa’s and female Møllemo’s as well as numerous other versions with varying de-tails and colour combinations. In the museum’s core exhibition, the world-famous psaligraph artist Bit Vejle has collected a wide selection of the many impressive works that she has created with her embroidery scissors throughout her life. Bit Vejle’s world consists of stories with beautiful motifs, but her art is more than beautiful flowers and birds. Each paper clip has its own story to tell and invites the viewer to reflect and interpret. Some touch serious topics, while others pay homage to the joy of the little things.

In addition, you can e.g. experience 
• 16 super good restaurants in Blokhus and 3 in Hune
• A lovely forest with room for contemplation but also space for children on a beautiful nature play ground
• Bicycle paths, riding trails, exercise trails, hiking trails and - The historic Army Road goes through the area - have a nice trip.

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