Vester Kringel

Inger og Hugo Ottesen, Kettrupvej 80, Ingstrup, 9480 Løkken

01.01.-31.12. Open

Take a vacation the whole family and have the opportunity to swim, play and other leisure activities. Enjoy tranquility in beautiful natural surroundings and have time to be together.

We offer holidays in the country - it will say that I even provide food. I also have the opportunity to take bed linen and thereby save the cost of this. More and more people take advantage of our excellent facilities to hold family celebrations etc.

We have 4 rooms and an apartment.Tree of the rooms  can be connected as an apartment. The 4th room is a familyroom with 5 beds.  There is a kitchen connected to a cafe, and therefore good opportunities to make your food and other activities.

Breakfast can be purchased for DKK 70 for adults and DKK 35 for children under 13.

From  260 DKK per night 

Vester Kringel offers:
Single room: 260 DKK
Double room: 425 DKK
Family room: 550 DKK
Apartment: 750 DKK
House: 2000 DKK
Cottage: 450 DKK
Experiences: 1

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