NorthJutland Hanherred - some of Denmark's most beautiful scenery

NorthJutland - Hanherred

NorthJutland Hanherred - some of Denmark's most beautiful scenery
Fosdalen is located in an area between the fjord and Slettestrand. The area offers some of the most beautiful scenery, we have in Denmark, and Fosdalen is one of Denmark's most beautiful plantation areas, that have been allowed to grow wild. Here is incredible views of Lien and Jammerbugten.

Visitors, who comes to the site, will get a great experience both aesthetically and naturally, as the area has many different and varied habitats of high value. Try to go through Fosdalen - a breathtaking experience - where you go down through a valley with forest vegetation. The trees almost reach together over your head and it just gets more and more impressive and beautiful, the longer you go downwards and inwards in Fosdalen.

The location is also ideal for excursions out into the countryside, as the surroundings holds many different habitats including Denmark's largest coastal slope, coastal plain, Fosdalen, Langdalen, heathland, coast, beach, dunes, meadows, islands and small freshwater lakes. Fosdalen nature center is located in the area and offers a new, well-appointed nature school, and an exhibition, that tells about the area.

Primrose Valley in Lien plantage
Primrose Valley is one of the nicest places in Lien Plantation. Here wild primroses grow everywhere. It is an untamed area, but you are rewarded for the trip and your pains, with nice view points out over the blue sea, and a sea of ??blooming yellow primroses. The area is actually a quite inaccessible marshland, but the whole trip is worthwhile, when you see the small dragonfly, gurgling springs and birds in the scrub.

Thorup Strand
Thorup Strand is one of the few places in Denmark, where fishing cutters still is pulled ashore with winches or tractors. You can often buy fish directly from the boats, when they come in from the sea. On the harbor is a very wellstocked fish shop, where many of the freshly caught fish is for sale. You can also buy prepared meals in the store. Thorup Strand has been known throughout Denmark in recent years - through the documentary programs on Danish TV The Guys From The Cutters.

At the boatbuilders yard in Slettestrand old wood fischer cutters are restored. Here the work with the old, typical cutters reprecenting the 1900th way of building fishing cutters for the northwest part of the coast of Jutland and is the typical landing place for the fishermen. The boat builders yard also builds new boats from old drawings. The place is definitely worth a visit. Slettestrand is something as rare as a small fishing village, that is still is in operation, located in a scenic area.

Besides the boat builders yard, Slettestrand, is a recreational area with beautiful varierent nature - wide sandy beaches with the Blue Flag, shielded by low dunes, and the beach itself is carfree.

Bygholm Vejler
Bygholm Vejler are of the largest natural bird sanc—tuaries on several thousand acres. There is possiblity to go far in the reserve on the walkways. Vejlerne is Northern Europe's largest bird sanctuary and one of the most important areas for breeding and migrating waterfowls. Here are registered more than 300 species of birds, 130 species have bred in the sanctuary. More than 10 species have their main, Danish habitat in Vejlerne - A true sanctuary for rare birds.

Coherent, dense reed beds cover a third of Vejlerne - and is Scandinavia's largest reed bed area. Vejlerne and the rich bird life can be experienced from a nature center and from 7 lookout towers and bird hides. All sites offer comprehensive information on the many types of birds.

The area can also be seen from public roads, bike paths and about 15 vantage points. Since 2004 Vejlerne has established audio-guiding, which  means you via mobile phone can access 20 different places and receive voice information on site.

Fjerritslev Brewery and Regional Museum
Fjerritslev Brewery and Regional Museum is located in the midst of Fjerritslev town. The former malt ceilings offers a comprehensive regional museum with many different interiors and objects from daily life in the Fjerritslev countryside. The brewery still stands, as had the brewers just left it. You can still see the more than 100 years old brew—ing kettles, mash tun, fermentation vessels and beer barrels, like many other objects, that have been used in the production, from sugar forehead, to thermometers and the many shiny brass taps.

The draft of this Article was received by us in the summer of 2016. Written by Jens Troldahl. We honor his memory.

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