North Jutland - Land of light

North Jutland - Land of light

North Jutland Land of light

NorthJutland is the most northern point of Denmark and has its own rugged landscape, marked by violent natural forces. But the North also has more hours of sunshine than any other part of the country and can mesmerize its visitors, when the violent waves suddenly settle, and the sea is at its most beautiful.

The grave of the Danish poet Drachmann and the Skagen Painters
In the light nights, in the light nights
the poem rises forward from breast of the poet.
Dreamy light is over valley and plains
There is peace, where ever you set foot.

The wave reaches with quiet sighs the Coast.
Drachmann - 1872

Just south of Grenen the most northern tip lies a burial chamber dug into the dune. Here, the poet and painter, Holger Drachmann, is laid to rest. One of the Skagen Painters, PS Krøyer, who, like Drachmann, belonged to the famous artists' colony that in the 1870's made Denmark's most northern town their favorite summer place, designed the copper plaque at the entrance to the burial chamber.

The Skagen painters followed the French impressionists and have made Skagen famous worldwide by capturing the special light created by the sun, sea and dunes in their paintings, where they portrayed the rugged fishermen and life furrowed by time, crisis and sand alongside their own summer parties in the long bright summer nights. If you are going to northern Jutland, a visit to the Skagen Museum and Anna and Michael Ancher's house is therefore a must do and an experience of a lifetime.

Out in the nature
If you want to combine unique experiences with exercise, Northjutland offers not less than 11 excellent golf courses within a radius of a few kilometers. There are golf courses for both the experienced player, the beginner and the family, who want to walk the 18 holes together as a diverse entertainment during their holiday. Most golf courses have well-furnished club rooms, locker rooms and more, but even better; the golf clubs are cooperate, so you - by using the joint booking page of the clubs - can save up to 30 pct. on greenfees.

Sport for everyone
NorthJutland also has much to offer for tourists, who want an active holiday. Right in the Rold Forest and Rebild Hills you can go swimming in the forest lakes in Store Økssø. And if you want to try something special, take a trip to Rold Forest Adventures that takes you along winding forest paths, through the marshes and hills, climb through a tree with eyes and even cooking over open fire.

If you are more into mountain biking, the 20 km long mountain bike route in Slettestrand is recommended. Or what about a relaxing canoe trip on Uggerby Stream in Vendsyssel...

For the slightly more demanding a kayaking trip on the coastal route around Mors in Limfjorden is to be recommended.

For adventurers, going for excitement and challenges, there are spectacular adventures such as scuba diving, rappelling, climbing and skydiving, just as there are excellent opportunities for surfing on the North Sea. In particular the area called Cold Hawaii at Klitmøller has special wind and currents, which creates ideal conditions for surfing.

Worth visiting:
• Grenen, Skagen
• Skagens Museum, Skagen
• Råbjerg Mile, Skagen
• Nordsøen Oceanarium, Hirtshals
• Ørnereservatet, Bindslev
• Fiskerbåde på stranden, Lønstrup
• Bangsbo, Frederikshavn
• Rubjerg Knude Fyr, Løkken
• Family Farm Fun Park, Løkken
• Fårup Sommerland, Blokhus
• Læsø Saltsyderi, Læsø
• Lindholm Høje Museet, Nørresundby
• Utzon Centret, Aalborg
• Aalborg Zoo, Aalborg
• Nationalpark Thy, Thy
• Rold Skov, Støvring
• Dueholm Kloster, Nykøbing Mors
• Jesperhus Feriepark, Mors
• Lille Restrup Hovedgaard, Aalestrup
• Stenaldercentret, Farsø
• Mariager Saltcenter, Mariager
• Vikingecenter Fyrkat, Hobro

The summer festivals in NorthJutland:
• Haze over Haarum, Harboøre
• Nibe Festival, Nibe
• Skagen Festival, Skagen
• Aalborg karneval, Aalborg
• Sæby Jazzfestival, Sæby

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