Come to Mariager and get salt on the brain

Mariager - Get salt on the brain

Come to Mariager and get salt on the brain
About half way between Aarhus and Aalborg the town of Mariager lies right down to the beautiful Mariager Fjord. Mariager is a wonderful old town filled with picturesque streets, which winds its way everywhere and with half-timbered houses and roses. Mariager is very understandably called the city of roses. Mariager is home to Mariager Salt Center, which is the only attraction in Northern Europe, dealing with salt - and anything that has to do with salt. There are plenty of activities - enough for a full day for both children and grown-ups.

Want to taste 250 million year old salt?
Mariager Salt Center has for the last 15 years featured experiences which centre around salt. You can for example go into the big sizzle cabin and see, how sizzle salt is mined in a big iron pan over an open fire, just as it was done during the Middle ages. Sizzle salt is produced by 250 million years old evaporated sea salt, that is brought up from the underground. The Salt Research Center produces between 20 and 25 tonnes of sea salt every year. The Sizzle salt is, among other things, packed in canvas bags and sold in specialty shops, at other attractions and in supermarkets etc. In addition, the Mariager Salt Center makes their own spiced salts, of which there are 18 different varieties.

Travel back in time
The Salt Research Center also shows another opportunity to travel back into the history of salt production, with a single elevator ride at the center. The elevator leads down below the earth's surface. Underground a model of how a salt mine looked a 100 years ago is established. With props in heavy timber, miners' tools and effects in pictures and sound, the experience is very authentic. The salt mine is also an action cinema, where it is possible to go on a breathtaking and vivid journey, through some of the world's most famous salt mines. During your visit the floor shakes and trembles, so your feeling of sitting in a railway carriage is complete.

A trip to the Dead Sea
Normally it requires a long flight, to enjoy the pleasant temperatures and high buoyancy capacity of the Dead Sea. Now you just have to go to Mariager to experience it. Because Mariager Salt Center has created its own version of the Dead Sea, where you can enjoy the wonderful feeling of the weightlessness the saline water gives you, while the temperature of around 40 C degrees loosens up the tension in your body and soul. Salt baths, as the one they have in the Salt Research Center, has been used for hundreds of years. In ancient times the Romans used salt to successfully heal a wide variety of ailments. Saltwater softens up stiff muscles and stimulates your blood circulation, if the concentration of salt is high enough. The salt content in the center is up to 30 percent - just like in the Dead Sea in Israel. By comparison, the North Sea, in most places, has  a salinity of three and a half percent.

Fancy more
So if you have the urge to taste the salt of life and want to get spoiled with a hot bath - then take the trip to the beautiful town of Mariager and Mariager Salt Center. Its worth the trip.

Mariager Salt Center
Ny Havnevej 6
DK-9550 Mariager
Phone +45 98 54 18 16

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