The little big city - Frederikshavn

Frederikshavn - The little big city

The little big city - Frederikshavn
Frederikshavn is a commerce city. Every year, the city is visited by about five million people from all over the world. In Frederikhavn, there is always lots to experience for the whole family - regardless of preferences.

Experiences in Frederikshavn
In Frederikshavn and region there is plenty to experience throughout the year. You can go to the harbor and watch the huge ferries or experience Krudttårnet (the gunpowder tower). You can go to the city centre and see the church, the art museums or fiskerklyngen.

You can also dig down in the history at the Bangsbo area with Bangsbo Fortress and the Bunker Museum. If you are more into relaxation, Frederikshavn also offers experiences for you. Take the family to Palm Beach, located only 1,5 kilometer from the city centre. Here, you can enjoy the ocean breeze in the 60 palm trees from june to September - or visit one of the other white sand beaches nearby. If you are more interested in city life and shopping, Frederikshavn offers a 2 kilometer long pedestrian street with lots of shops, restaurants and cafés, where you can eat well an satisfy your inner shopaholic.

The nature around the city
No matter what time of the year, you visit the city, the forests surrounding Frederikshavn are always worth a visit. Here, the landscape is marked by hills and valleys, which makes the nature exciting and challenging. You can go up and see everything from above on one of the many vantage points in the area - e.g. at Øksnebjerg, Pikkerbakken, Dronningestien or by walking up into Cloostårnet that rises 160 meters above the surface of the sea.

Both in and a little outside Frederikshavn, there are lots of good hiking-, running-, and biking routes - in forests and along the beach. You just have to pick the view.

Frederikshavn harbor
Frederikshavn harbor is 173 acres large and one of Denmark's most busy ferry harbors - it is simultaneously a modern commerce harbor. From the harbor, you can go with ferries to Göteborg, Oslo, Læsø or Hirsholmene. If you are going to take a ferry, you can - at a fair price - park very close to the harbor. The parking is also in walking distance to the city centre, so you can visit the city before you leave.

At the harbor, you will find the city's landmark - Krudttårnet. Krudttårnet was a part of a big and old fortress, which was build in the 1600s. The tower was used for storage of gunpowder and as a platform for cannons.

Frederikshavn harbor is currently expanding. The expansion is planned in three stages. In the spring of 2018, the first stage will be finished. This gives the opportunity for angling along a large part of the pier. Stage 2 and 3 will be set in motion, when the demand for the facilities warrants the expansion.

A very popular returning festival in Frederikshavn is Tordenskioldsdage - Tordenskiolds days, which is a historic festival marking Frederikshavns maritime history. With a spectacular staging by Krudttårnet, you will be brought back to the year 1717, where about 1000 extras helps bringing Tordenskiold and Frederikshavn, by that time, alive.

You will also get insight, how Tordenskiold used the place as the most important stronghold outside Copenhagen. It is an exciting experience for the whole family and definitely a visit worth.

Read more about Tordenskioldsdage and when the festival takes place on:

Christmas in June 
If you visit Frederikshavn in june, you can get a different experience. Christmas in June. Christmas in June started in 2017 and became a big success. The event takes place - as you have probably figured out - exctaly 6 months prior to the real Christmas. Come and try to experience the Christmas spirit in the city with probably the most beautiful Christmas lights in June. You can also participate in different fun Christmas activities for the whole family - along with other equals, who keeps Christmas in the heart all year long.

Frederikshavn celebrated 200 years anniversary
In 2018, Frederikshavn celebrated 200 years anniversary. The commerce city saw the light of the day on September 25. 1818. King Frederik VI gave the city commerce city rights, and simultaneously the city changed name from Fladstand to Frederikshavn - Frederiks harbor.


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