Hirsholmene - beads in the Kattegat

Hirsholmene - beads in the Kattegat

Hirsholmene - beads in the Kattegat
Nearly 5 miles north east of Frederikshavn in northern Kattegat are a handful of small pearls, the little archipelago Hirsholmene consisting of two small islands Hirsholm and Græsholm a number of smaller islets and reefs, Tyvholm, Kølpen and Deget with a total area of 45 ha. Hirsholm is the largest of the islands and is seen on the horizon long before the others, but only because of the 22 meter high lighthouse. In the 1800s more than 200 people lived on Hirsholmene mostly fishermen with their families. Today there are probably fewer than 10 residents in the yellow-washed houses in Hirsholmene, where you can only earn a living as lighthouse keeper or fyrmesterassistent. But in summer the preserved islets is a cherished destination for day visitors, summer visitors and boaters. The island is so small, that it has no roads, only footpaths. And so of course no lampposts.

Holm dwellers for centuries
Hirsholmene history goes far back in time. Pot sherds found on the island indicate, that it has been inhabited by islet dwellers in prehistoric time. The island's church has existed from 1641, when the nobleman Otto Skeel had the church built with half-timbered oak. That same year the island also had school, but it closed again, when Hirsholm became part of Frederikshavn Municipality in 1970. The low-ceilinged church, that lacks a bell tower, is still used for worship once or twice a year during the summer.

Listed archipelago
Hirsholmene administered by the Forest and Nature Agency and managed by a forest guard. Hirsholmene designated as a nature reserve and are subject to strict conservation rules for large parts of the islands, especially during breeding season from 1 April to 31 July. Hirsholmene is an important wintering area for eiders, scoters and velvet ducks and also a resting place for riding, auks, guillemots, pockets and grebes. The islands are also an important breeding area for black-headed gulls, herring gulls, splitters, herring gulls, common gulls, black baker and black guillemots. Cats and dogs are therefore denied access to the islands!

Take the mail boat
Most guests at Hirsholmene are boaters, who anchor at the wharf at Hirsholm, but it is also possible to sail with the mail boat from Frederikshavn to the tiny archipelago. The mail boat Polaris sails to Hirsholmene on Monday, Wednesday and Friday from the quay near Frederikshavn Fishing Auction, located at Pier 5 East in the North Harbour at Frederikshavn port. You can not be sure of getting space on the mail boat, because passenger numbers are limited to 12 persons per. crossing, and during the tourist

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