Depotet i Skelby

Grethe og Hanne, Buen 18, Skelby, 4160 Herlufmagle

01.01.-31.12. Open

Depotet is an accommodation with attached function room, located in a scenic location 100 metres from the Suså River in Skelby.

Ideal as a stopover for you, which comes off the Suså River by canoe, as there is a short distance to carry equipment and you can sleep in quiet and pleasant surroundings. Also, we as a stopover on several hiking routes, inter alia, the Convent route, route, Zeeland, the head Monks, Suså leader and bike routes, among other things. Marguerit route.

The hostel has 8 rooms with space for a total of 26 customers. There is a possibility of 3 extra beds. In the living room there is space for 20-25 persons. There is a small kitchen where there is the opportunity to make some food. There are showers and toilets in the corridors.

The site is created and operated by volunteer citizens from Skelby and environs and do you have a specific need related to your stay or event is often help to download.

We take care of breakfast, if it be ordered when booking. It costs 75 DKK per person.

From  275 DKK per night 

Depotet i Skelby offers:
Single room: 275 DKK
Double room: 550 DKK
Family room: 1000 DKK
House: 4300 DKK

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