Engesvang Bed and Breakfast - host article

Engesvang Bed and Breakfast - host article

Engesvang Bed and Breakfast

Bent had been divorced for a few years and had bought the old vicarage in Engesvang in 2012.

Zhor originally comes from Morocco - but was already living in Jutland when she and Bent met via an internet site in April 2014.

It was just before things had never materialized with the two of them. Zhor wrote a greeting to Bent, but a whole month passed before Bent replied. Bent did not believe, that anyone would write to him. So he didn’t even check his mailbox. When he discovered the letter, he hurried to write to Zhor.

Bent was nervous - I wonder if she thought he wasn’t interested at all, since so much time had passed. But Zhor answered - and things went well with the two...

In June - after 3 months of falling in love - Zhor moved to Engesvang - and a month later - in August Zhor and Bent got married. A wild story about a wild love that still flourishes in the old parsonage.

When Zhor moved into the farm with her daughter, the couple decided after a few years to make a Bed and Breakfast. They started with 2 double rooms on the 1st floor of the farmhouse. The rental went very well, and soon many guests found their way to the vicarage. So many, that Zhor and Bent decided to expand the business.

Zhor is a trained sosu assistant and has also worked as a volunteer for a number of years, where she has helped other women, who have moved from abroad to Denmark to create a new life for themselves. Through this, she has created a lot of social contacts and got the desire to deal with other people.

Bent and Zhor set about furnishing an apartment in the old confirmation house, which was an independent annex next to the vicarage house. 3 double rooms and a family room with 4 single beds were furnished - as an independent unit with a large living room, kitchen and bathroom.

We stayed in the confirmation house - in a nice room with plenty of space and good beds. Delicious homemade breakfast was served in the common room. I can vividly imagine how pleasant it will be to eat breakfast outside on the large terrace with good garden furniture, fire pit and cozy nooks.

One thing is for sure. You are welcome at Zhor and Bent’s. There is a relaxed, happy and cozy atmosphere in the whole house, which is solely due to the mood and the incredible joy of life that the two radiate. Everything is possible. You get the help you need, and you are always met with calm and warmth.

We took the opportunity to visit Bølling Sø, which is located only 2 kilometers from the vicarage in the beautiful forest area that surrounds Engesvang. It is pure idyll with benches where you can sit and enjoy a cup of coffee or a packed lunch, with sheep grazing nearby. Or you can take the fishing rod with you and get a fat old pike on the hook.

There are plenty of opportunities for good hiking and cycling tours. You can get a wealth of information about the council and the restoration, that has taken place over a number of years - in fact, it is one of Denmark’s largest nature restoration projects, which was carried out over a long period of years until 2005.

The communication route In the Footsteps of the Past gives a different and engaging insight into the area’s rich cultural history.

You can read more about the area on The Danish Nature Agency homepage: www.naturstyrelsen.dk/naturoplevelser/naturguider/boelling-soe/


Engesvang Bed and Breakfast
Offers 2 lovely holiday apartments thatalso can be rented as single, double and family rooms for stays and holidays. 12 permanent beds are offered with the possibility of extra beds. Linen and towels as well as cleaning are included in the prices. Served breakfast DKK 85 per person.

Engesvang Bed and Breakfast
Zhor og Bent Damholdt
Karupvej 1
7442 Engesvang

Mobile: +45 42 17 76 52
Mobile: +45 30 40 40 37

E-mail: zhor.damholdt@gmail.com

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