The unique craftsmanship of the Glerup lamps


Ferielejlighed Det Gl Mejeri

Astrup og Glerup, Hvalpsundvej 1, Bislev, 9240 Nibe

+45 21 16 45 13

01.01.-31.12. Open

The Glerup Lamps

The craftsman himself

Ole Glerup has the past many years had a passion for making ceramics. He makes unique lamps and spectacular water-arts. The ceramic lamps are known for being beautiful without light but hard to see with lights.

The goal

The goal for Ole Glerup is to give the lamps a shape which is beautiful with and without lights. He also wishes to create a lamp that does not blind you but spreads a soft and comfortable light in the entire room. Ole Glerup’s special target is to produce shades which cannot be mass produced by machines but are turned entirely by hand.

The apartment

We rent out a lovely 2-bedroom apartment. The apartment is fully furnished and has kitchen, bathroom, bedroom with a double bed and living room with the possibility of making two extra beds. The apartment offers two balconies which are accessed by the two rooms. We do not use soap or cleaning products with parfume. You can see pictures of the lamps here

Up to 4 people

The package includes:

  • Accommodation in privat apartment
  • Access to Glerup Lamps shops and workshop

The package does not include:

  • Breakfast

Optional extras:

  • Breakfast: 100 DKK per person - only by more than 2 people
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