Skydebjerg Gl Præstegård

Hanne Kjær, Kærlighedsstien 1, Skydebjerg, 5560 Aarup

01.03.-01.11. Open

Kaplan apartment in old listed vicarage from 1700. ...
Half-timbered houses with a thatched roof is situated directly in the center of the small village with its church, the village pond, a school that now serves as a meeting house, an inn and a forge.
There is a large and old garden with path, forest and lake.
The meeting house can be rented for parties, a good combination, the celebration and the stay in the old rectory 300 meters. - Can accommodate up to 100 people, see the link below.

From  300 DKK per night 

Skydebjerg Gl Præstegård offers:
Single room: 300 DKK
Double room: 600 DKK

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