Aldershvile Bed and Breakfast - a natural paradise for children - host article

Snedsted - Aldershvile BB - host article

Aldershvile Bed and Breakfast - a natural paradise for children
The name Aldershvile is misleading in some respects. Gunner and Birthe also have quite a few years on the back. On Gunners family farm in Thy - so far 50 cows were housed there - it is liberating peace and a lot of rest. But the big focus in Birthes Gunners and life are children - their love for the many children she as a foster family and at the weekend had over the years with him. Not to mention their three beautiful children. And for years the two went together - as a supervisor - on school trips for elementary school. There were kids, kids, kids everywhere - Happy days on the farm. And there they are fortunately still. But now, for children and adults.

Nice hotel - even for adults
There are numerous activities for children during visits at Birthe and Gunner, but also many beautiful adult activities. You can play with your children or just enjoy the peace and quiet while the children are entertained. Relax in the spacious cabins with large whirlpool, fireplace and silence. Or explore the famous wild nature in Thy by bike or on foot.

Denmark's first national park with beautiful scenery ideal for long walks in any weather
You can rent a canoe or a romantic cruise on one of the largest lakes in Denmark, lake Ove do. Take the bus to explore the surrounding area. If you like city life and stroll tours, Thisted is not far away. Here you will find a charming little town with a modern shopping center, cafes, museums and restaurants. If you want to do more, you can go hiking, fishing, swimming and surfing in the North Sea.

Felt the love of children
Gunner often starts the little red tractor Bukh when guests visit the Bed and Breakfast. Children and the young at heart jumps on the tractor and ride on the large property - around the lake, through the grass, past the fields and all apartments and cottages. Then the kids can have fun with the whole family with chickens, rabbits, cats, guinea pigs, goats and geese.

You can also play on the big field next to the house football, which is decorated with two large self-built gates. Not to mention, the trampoline with safety net. On the playground with playhouse and swing on the nest of the bird is plenty to do. You can climb the climbing wall or climbing net and get back on the floor on your play or the water slide. You can either go in mooncars with trailer, tricycle or use the John Deere tractor with a trailer. And if you fancy something different, you can make an exploration hike on the small jungle path.

Each week in July organize the hosts a barbecue with homemade potato salad with potatoes from our own vegetable garden. Thereafter, roasted over an open fire for dessert pancakes. Guests bring their own flesh and drinks, but the rest is included in the price.

Gunners true age
How old are you really, I asked Gunner when I visiting Aldershvile 17 BB - was brilliant on a summer day. The white-haired, energetic Gunner said with a mischievous smile and a wink: I'm 40 years old! He is and remains a big kid. And, Birthe, which has at least as much charm as Gunner, it allows him to be one.

Have a good trip to the farm in Thy...

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