A guided horseback tour at Åløkkegården near Nyborg


Bed and Breakfast Åløkke

Lone Frost, Åløkkevej 60, Aunslev, 5800 Nyborg

+45 40 74 73 43


01.01.-31.12. Open

Horseback tours at Åløkkegården near Nyborg - accommodation and guided tour

Outings on your own horse

Visit the charming old farm Åløkkegården and bring your horse for a guided tour with Birkely’s Hestekurser - they are our neighbors. The horses can stay in boxes across the road at Birkely’s Hesterkurser. You can borrow a paddock during the day. A riding hall will also be made available for free, when buying a guided tur with Maria Birkely.

A three hours guided tour in Nyborg

The horses are loaded into trailers. After a short drive to the forests of Nyborg we arrive at our destination. The horses are loaded in your own trailer and then you follow Maria Birkely to the forest. From 1. October to 30. April it is possible to ride near the water.

ONLY  1650 DKK
2 adults

The price includes:

  • Accommodation in double room
  • Selfserved breakfast
  • Bed linen and towels
  • The horses stay overnight in the vaults across the road
  • A three hours guided tour in the forests of Nyborg

The price does not include:

  • Riding equipment
  • Bedding of straw and hay

OBS! Only possible in the weekends and the tour requires you, to bring your own horse

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Åløkkegården - Åløkkevej 60
5800 Nyborg
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