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Løkken - Skovbrynet2 BB - host article

Skovbrynet2 - A cozy accommodation in North Jutland
Povl and Merete’s farm burned down in 1984. The fire put an end to Povl and Merete’s former life as farmers and agriculturers. In fact, four years passed, before they decided to sell the farm. However, it was the start of something new. Skovbrynet No. 2 was up for sale. Back in 1972, it had been renovated - to house tourists in Summer. For a number of years Merete had dreamt of having paying guests - not just in Summer - and she was confident, that with joint efforts she and Povl would be able to establish a business, now that they were so keen on meeting other people and make them feel at home. As Merete says, It took some patience and persuasion from my side to convince Povl about the idea of Summer tourists. However, once we got started, he was unstoppable, and he’s just as involved in our guests, as I am. We both have full-time jobs as well, and when people ask us, why we carry on, the answer is simple - we find it exciting.

The small farm Skovbrynet was located only a few kilometres from the farm, that burnt down. The place underwent big changes, when Povl and Merete took over. Extensions and alterations were made.

A visit to Skovbrynet
In addition to this, the couple bought half of the neighbour’s plot of land some years later, and there they built a holiday home to rent out. Skovbrynet2 was a success - lots of guests were attracted by the lovely location at the fringe of the forest - in Danish: skovbryn - only two kilometres from the North Sea. Later yet another holiday cottage was added, which is also rented out.

Today the Bed and Breakfast is characterized by an atmosphere made out of Povl and Merete’s warm welcome, their hard work, their creative workshop, combined with Merete’s little shop with homemade patchwork, cushions, tablecloths and dried flowers. At the same time the place has a down-to-earth feel to it with no unnecessary extras, but where every single thing serves a purpose.

This applies to the pretty rooms with soft beds, neatly covered with patchwork bed covers sown by Merete at her creative workshop in the attic, as well as the small pavilion tent put up so, that the guests can enjoy sitting outside in the evening - even when it gets cooler. Yet another added value at Skovbrynet is the fairy tale garden with its small, cosy spots sheltered from the at times harsh wind.

Small swirling pathways surround the main house with the five Bed and Breakfast rooms and make it a pleasant experience to walk around the different parts of the garden, across to the cottage and not least to the luxury holiday home containing both a fireplace and a dish washing machine. - Povl and his son Christian built this house with much attention.

Close to woodland and beach
As mentioned earlier, the name Skovbrynet indicates, that the peaceful wood is on the doorstep of the house. This provides the opportunity of taking brisk and energizing walks. When you stay at Skovbrynet, you are served breakfast by the hospitable hosts in the lovely garden room with large panorama windows. You are surrounded by nature and close to both woodland and beach areas. However, at the same time the town is not far away - here you will find a restaurant, café, swimming bath, fishing, bicycle rental and even golf.

What money can’t buy is the most important thing by staying at Skovbrynet2: The hosts themselves, Merete and Povl. Merete’s friendly way of being and her laughter are so convincing, that they overshadow even the most flower-covered garden, and likewise Povl’s friendliness and welcoming helpfulness will warm your soul.

In the main house it offers 5 rooms with 2-4 beds. A small cabin with space for 4 people - double bed and bunk bed. The house is just 50 meters from the main house. In the main house, guests have access to the kitchen and bathroom, entertainment room, living room, with TV and terrace. This warm-wooded wooden house for 6 people with TV, satellite TV, stove, dishwasher and washing machine. Lovely garden to be used free of charge.

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