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Kerteminde - Bjørnegården Landhotel BB

Man of the world
As a former international criminal police and a naval officer - traveling from his base in Copenhagen - Bent had crossed all over the world. - Including a post at a Danish Embassy in the FarEast.

But as Summer approached, he wanted to travel around - and experience - his own beautiful country, Denmark.Therefore Bent went and stayed at some of the most beautiful resorts in Denmark. In Skagen, the tip of Jutland on the coast, he was warmly recommended a stay on the island of Funen - near Kerteminde - at Bjørnegården, located atBøgebjerg Beach. This place was definitely worth a visit, he was told, so he made a booking there as well.

During the stay in Jutland, Bent received an e-mail in which he was informed that his booking at Bjørnegården had, unfortunately, been canceled - without any further explanation. He immediately tried to call Bjørnegården, but he could not get in touch with the people there. On the way back across Funen towards Copenhagen, Bent wondered - and was curious - about the cancellation of his stay at Bjørnegården. Bent decided to drive to Kerteminde anyway.

He arrived a little late, and spent the night at the town's hotel. The next morning Bent drove in beautiful scenery along the beach to Bjørnegården where, to his great sorrow, he saw that Bjørnegården had partially burned down. Three of the farm's four wings were destroyed completely by the fire, and the only living creatures he found, were a pair of inquisitive cats.

However, Bent was completely captivated by the beautiful rural location - 200 meters from the beach with views right across the Great Belt. He did not want to leave Bjørnegården - or the area. There was for him no doubt that the recommendation was correct. This beautiful place was unique.

Bent decided to stay one more night in the area.This time at a beautiful BB very close to Bjørnegården. He did not get much sleep, because thoughts about Bjørnegården were tumbling inside his head. He simply had to see Bjørnegården again. The next morning, he returned to the site of the fire and Bjørnegården - and he knew then, it had really been love at first sight. After a long visit to the site, Bent decided that he would try to get in touch with the owner of Bjørnegården and examine the possibility of buying this beautiful place.

Nine months later, after a long Winter with clearing out the site, reconstruction and renovation of Bjørnegårdens main building, which is more than 350 years old, Bent could move in as the new host at Bjørnegården. A little more than a year after the fire, he could open the door to a new great BB - with 8 beautiful individually decorated rooms. Today - three years after the fire - time has shown that the idea was right. The location on the beautiful Hindsholm - North of Kerteminde - is unique. The tranquility and the rural setting inspire his guests to make walks, contemplate and relax.

Bjørnegården is uniquely located in a rare spot that is completely isolated from foreign and irritating noise and artificial light. The place is absolutely quiet and dark at night - unless there is moonlight.

The breakfast is excellent with homemade bread, jams of Bents own fruits, local fine cheeses - and only organic produce. If you, as guest, feel like preparing some lunch or dinner, the large country kitchen at Bjørnegården is at your disposal.

All guests will receive a personalized welcome. Many guests have come as strangers and left as friends of Bent. And they return to Bjørnegården - again and again…

Bjørnegården Landhotel BB
Located 200 meters from the sea. There are 8 lovely double bedrooms and three bathrooms, plus one double room with private toilet and shower. Access to kitchen, dining and living room. Breakfast includes organic products and you get homemade bread. Bjørnegården is for you, where well being, peace and nature experiences are essential.

Bent Bjørnegård
Bjørnegårdsvej 140
5380 Dalby
Phone +45 65 34 29 88 
Mobile +45 26 83 33 00

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