A completely different zoo...

Givskud Zoo

A completely different zoo...

Givskud Zoo started in 1969 as a lion park and in the first years, it only featured lions. Since then, the animal population has been expanded with many new species, and today the park houses approx. 50 different animals.

The Lion Park, as it was then, was founded in 1969 by Jacob Hansen. Jacob Hansen owned a smaller zoo in Vejle. He had, in Europe, drawn inspiration for the first Danish safari park with free-range lions. Despite many start-up problems and skeptical authorities, the Lion Park in Givskud opened on August 12, 1969, and already from the first season, the park became a huge success.

The idea of ​​allowing guests to experience free-range animals in large plants proved to be extremely viable. In the years following its opening, the Lion Park was expanded and started featuring a large number of other animal species as well. The idea was to create a fresh alternative to the more traditional zoos in the cities. Givskud Zoo is today in its modern form with large facilities, one of the best opportunities to display larger animals in a dignified manner. Givskud Zoo is one of just eight state-recognized zoos in Denmark.

2019 was Givskud Zoo’s 50th anniversary season and this was celebrated with news. These included Europe’s largest park of spectacled bears and the nine meters tall climbing frame, Skywalk.

If you want to visit the zoo, you can have three very different experiences in one ticket. It is cheapest to buy the ticket online. Zoo on foot, safari park in your own car and the impressive dinosaur park. A visit to the Givskud Zoo is much more than a classic zoo visit, as you know it from other zoos. You also get an amazing safari experience. At the entrance you will get a free park guide with maps of the park. Here, the safari route is marked.

If you choose to walk on foot through the approximately six kilometres long path system, you will experience lots of animals. Elephants, camels, wolves, gorillas and many more.

If you go by car, you can follow the safari route through North and South America, the African savannas and into the lions territory. Your safari begins as soon as you enter the park and you are led down to the first parking lot, P1. Here you can park your car and walk around to see the animals. From P1, you can drive through several safari areas and experience animals from South America, North America and Africa. Meet alpacas, bison, antelopes, zebras, giraffes and many more. And just a tip for the trip: take your time and you’ll have many more fun experiences. On the way to the car safari, you come to another parking lot P2. Here you can park your car and take a classic zoo walk among the African animals in the area. Among other things, you can experience the large gorilla plant.

Continue the trip with yet another African savanna with rhino and wildebeest before you reach what is the highlight of the visit - the lions. When the car windows are closed, you are locked through the double gates into the lion’s flock. And if you did not see enough the first time, you can run the safari several times.

If you do not have your own car or prefer a guided tour around the park, you can buy a ticket and take the Safari bus. It follows the same route as the car safari. The safari bus runs approx. every half hour.

Discover the large dinosaurs, which look very true-to-life in the beautiful forest environment of the dinosaur park in a large outdoor forest area. Go back in time and meet, among other things, the giant Argentinosaurus and the deadly Tyrannosaurus rex.

The Dinosaur Park shows the largest dinosaur exhibition ever in Denmark. You can see more than 50 dinosaurs from 26 different species of natural size - from the very largest herbivore of about 80 tonnes to the deadly carnivore.

You can go on an exciting journey of time many millions of years back in time, to a time when there were no humans at all. At a time when the climate was warm and the land mostly consisted of coniferous forests and swampy areas, and where Denmark was covered with water. At that time, the dinosaurs were alive. You can experience both the full-grown giants and small newly hatched cubs.

No matter how you choose to get around the park, you can have a great day, with many exciting experiences with the animals.

At P2 there is also a covered barbecue and dining areas as well as a large playground where children can have fun. You can also visit the Baobab restaurant. Here you can enjoy food with a touch of Africa while enjoying the view of the lake and the playground.

You can read more at www.givskudzoo.dk

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