Welcome to Mrs. Pedersens garden - host article

Fru Pedersens Have BB - host article

Welcome to Mrs. Pedersens garden
It was no ordinary day when I arrived. Ms. Pedersen seemed a little distracted - even though she was smiling and bid me a friendly welcome. I was shown into a nice room. And Anette - Mrs. Pedersen - came with coffee and muffins. She had forgotten just the cup and teaspoon. She actually seemed a little confused. But when Anette explained, that her daughter was sitting in the living room in labor - their second grandchild was on the way - I completely understood the situation. The room was cozy and full of beautiful details. The bathroom was directly opposite to my room and beautifully embroidered towels where hang, as well as oils and delightfully scented soaps - all for me. I felt very welcome.

The garden of Mrs. Pedersen is a large English-styled garden, full of romantic moods, exciting halls, pavilions and a wooden trailer for guests. Everywhere I found cozy corners and still lifes with antique furniture. A garden where life is lived, with everything your heart desires, water, raised beds, covered terraces and a playground. The garden is a great inspiration for the many visitors.

When I woke up the next morning and came into the big, beautiful country kitchen - overlooking the garden - I was spoiled with homemade bread and jams. Many different types of cheese, fresh eggs and good morning coffee. Annette said that she had become grandmother - in the night - and she was very proud. We sat down and had a good time at breakfast. I asked her why the garden was actually created. She told me about the her grandmother's garden. About the many beautiful moments, she had spent with her grandmother in her garden working together - and that was why - she always have had this dream. To create her private beautiful garden. She continued: When my husband and I moved into our small farm in 1985, there was no garden. I started creating one the first year we lived here. The garden was promising - could become large with good conditions for growth, with plenty of room for all my creative ideas. I love the romantic style -  life in the garden. We have participated in several garden shows on television in the past two years. I write a garden blog, with more than 100 daily visitors. Now a lot of people know of our fine garden - and it's great fun.

It costs only 50 DKK to enter the beautiful garden of Mrs. Pedersen. Children under 12 is free. You can bring your dog on a leash and enjoy a picnic in the garden. It is usually open in the summer. Mrs. Pedersen organizes special Easter and Christmas exhibitions - come for a visit and experience the many events throughout the year. Visits for groups and Cozy Evenings can be arranged by appointment with Anette.

Mrs. Pedersen's Welcome
Mrs. Pedersen welcomes you to her universe. She shares happily experiences, joys and enthusiasm on her and her husband's garden life and their interest in home decor. The couple has lived together on the small farm for more than 30 years - creating the garden. Anette says: I built the garden myself, with the help of my sweet husband, who never goes out of his way for a new project. He has helped me set up small sheds and houses in the garden. In fact, our whole house is decorated in a romantic style, with old, well-used but beautiful furniture, various objects and stuff, as well as a little bit of new things in the nostalgic style…

We are interrupted as a car rolls up through the driveway. Mrs. Pedersen's daughter comes home from the hospital with the little new one. I just quietly list into my room and pack my stuff together. I send the family a thank you for the visit in my mind and list out the front door. It was a lovely visit to Mrs. Pedersen's garden.


Fru Pedersens have
Bed and breakfast for garden lovers, in a romantic shed. The wagon is newly built and is located in Mrs. Pedersen's magnificent visitors garden. Bath and toilet can be found in Mrs. Pedersen's house. In the house there are 2 double rooms. Price 700 kr per accommodation for 2 persons including breakfast. Without breakfast 600 Kr. Cash is payable on arrival. Arrival from 17. Departure no later than 2 p.m. 11. There is free entrance to the entire garden while staying in either the caravan or in one of the rooms.

Anette Krogh Pedersen
Skalstrupvej 36
7570 Vemb
Mobile +45 40 25 96 25

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