Vadskærgaard BB

Kurt Staunstrup, Vadskærvej 7, 7620 Lemvig

01.01.-31.12. Open

Vadskaergaards history dates back to 1500 th century. When it was a large estate whose land went from the Limfjord at Gjellerodde to Lemvig city limits and west up to Tørringhuse. Various owners has sold off the land - the last sale occurred in 1983. Same year Kurt Staunstrup bought the remaining buildings.

A new farmhouse was buildt in 1979 - 283 sqm. In 1995, the attic was funished with Bed and Breakfast in mind, and there was buildt 5 double rooms, a large bath - and toilet and a lounge with kitchen.

In the ground floor an apartment was buildt of 60 sqm with 3 bedrooms, bathroom and toilet, living room and kitchen. The apartment can also be rented on a weekly basis. We are open for visitors all year round. The outdoor space is a large park like garden with pond, terraces with garden furniture and a small lake.

The apartment can be rented from 3500 DKK a week.

From  225 DKK per night 

Vadskærgaard BB offers:
Single room: 225 DKK
Double room: 350 DKK
Apartment: 500 DKK

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