Bøgebjerggård Bed and Breakfast - a gem on Nordals - host article

Bøgebjerggård Bed and Breakfast - host article

I was born on Funen in Corinth and baptized in Brahe Trolleborg, smiles my namesake Lone. When I was 10 years old, the whole family moved to Vordingborg - and I moved with them, says Lone with a resounding laugh.

Yes - and then she was poached to Nordals a few years later, says Henning with his wry smile and quiet but humorous voice. Henning is the 5th generation here on the farm, Lone says. So I really had no choice. If I wanted to be with Henning, I had to go to Nordals. We farmed together for many years - until this "lake business" happened.

With the help of funds and strong local forces, plans were made to restore Mjels Sø. The lake had been drained for many years and the land had been used for agriculture. Drainage of Lake Mjels began as early as the 1840s. It was not until 1932 that the 81 hectares of land were drained and could be used for production. We owned and farmed about 8 hectares of the old lake area. In the mid-1980s, talk began about restoring Lake Mjels Sø. There were wealthy people behind it. When the municipality, the county and the funds agreed to the plans, the restoration of the lake began in 2006. This changed our lives.

After many and long discussions, when the plans for the lake moved forward, we decided to sell all our farmland and stay on the farm. We decided to become employees - both as 50-year-olds. But since I had always dreamed of having a bed and breakfast, that opportunity opened up with the restoration of the lake, Lone says. We then drove to work every morning. That was new for us. And we started our rental with a single room. We prepared breakfast in the refrigerator for the guests. And since Henning got off work early, he cleaned the rooms and cleaned after breakfast when he got home. Slowly things developed. Slowly we took several rooms into use and built a new bathroom on the 1st floor.

A new bathroom was built on the 1st floor because otherwise guests had to go downstairs to use the bathroom there. The newest addition is our family room. We needed it - one room for a whole family - and now everything works very well. When you come to Bøgebjerggård, it's like an adventure. With the most beautiful location on Lake Mjels - the farm is located in a hilly tunnel valley - on a small lake grass that extends into the lake. From the room where we stay, you have the most beautiful view of the large garden and the lake. Everything is furnished with love and care. The large repos is used for breakfast on days with bad weather.

On the windowsill you can buy fun and beautiful crafts. In the fridge there is beer, wine and lemonade - and a tray where you pay for what you buy. The garden is a dream, with little secluded spots and seating - all overlooking the lake, and a variety of flowers and flowering shrubs. Well - we don't fiddle and cuddle in the garden, Lone laughs as she shows us around. It's a garden with broad lines. But it has to look neat, and the grass has to be tended. On the hill up there, you have the most beautiful view. And we've sown a little field of wildflowers. You should go up and see it sometime.

We sit at the breakfast table and enjoy the most wonderful meal. Fresh fruit, a fantastic local cheese, homemade rye bread and muffins. Perfectly soft boiled eggs, juices, coffee and berries. All with a 360-degree view of the lake from the cozy covered porch. It's Lone's favorite spot on the farm. This is where the red round carpet should be if you have to pick the nicest spot in the house - if I were on that TV show, Lone smiles. So you'll never leave this place, I ask Lone. But it's Henning who gets a kick out of it and answers: No, unless Lone will look like her mother - too much - then we will both stay here, Henning giggles.

Bøgebjerggård Bed and Breakfast

Three lovely rooms. 2 double rooms and one family room. All three rooms are located on the 1st floor - two of the rooms have a lake view, while the last one has a view of the garden. Wireless internet and TV.
Single room: DKK 400 per night.
Double room: From DKK 500 per night.
Family room: DKK 750 per night - 3 people.
An extra bed DKK 150 per night.
Breakfast adult: DKK 70 per person.
Breakfast child up to 12 years: DKK 35 per person.
Discount: By more than one night a 10% discount is given from night two.

Lone and Henning Carlsson
Kådnervej 7, Oksbøl
6430 Nordborg
Phone: +45 74 45 49 05
Mobile: +45 28 77 40 06
E-mail: helo-carlsson@mail.dk

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