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Thisted - Tvillinggaard Thy BB - host article

Tvillinggaard Thy - and a true adventure
I just had unexpected company in the Bed and Breakfast - but you probably know all about that, siger Annette - says Annette, when she opens her door to me - but please, come on in...
In just five minutes, Anette has set a table with coffee and buns - of course homemade as well as the marmalade. The mist outside on the quiet November day is forgotten by the stove, crackling in the living room. It is so cozy.

Tvillinggaard Thy is located with lands right up to Thy National Park in amazing surroundings - just 4 kilometers from the North Sea and 7 kilometers from Klitmøller. It is a Bed and Breakfast in the North Jutlandic spirit - down to earth, accommodating, cozy, and friendly. On the farm, the 7,5 acres of land is driven as hobby farming with hay. Hay for own horses and hay for sale. A part of the land is used for grazing for Annette’s own three horses. Horses are Annette’s passion, and she rides every single day. She takes in horses for housing, vacation guest for riding vacations, and of course takes care of her own horses.

I am getting ahead of myself... We need to go back to 2010, where the adventure took off. That year, Annette joined a dating site, where she met Torben, her husband. They were writing together and met face to face April 23, 2010. Torben was, like Annette, single. He rented an apartment in Thisted, while Annette lived in Ullits by Farsø with her daughter, her 6 horses and 8 cats. When they met, things just clicked between them. After just a few weeks of acquaintance, Torben invited Annette for a Sunday drive in the area around Thy National Park - but he had ulterior motives. He pointed at a farm in Vang and said to Annette:  I think we could live here easily...

Annette looked around for a bit but said - Well-no - not right here anyway. So they continued the drive and Torben pointed again - at Tvillinggaard - which as previously mentioned was beautifully located up to the national park. Annette looked and looked, were silent for 10 seconds and then said: OK - let’s do it!

Just four weeks after they met, they bought Tvillinggaard in Vang together. At the same time, they traded a building spot for 3 extra acres of land, so the area goes all the way to the forest. Four year later, they got married, and even though you might think it is a lie - this amazing adventure is completely true. Today, Torben, 59, works as a project manager at Mors, while Annette, 58, takes care of all the practical regarding the Bed and Breakfast, horses, and cats. They are both very interested in sustainability and ecology. Through 8 years, they have renovated, painted, rebuild and made addition to the house and the area surrounding the farm. The main theme in all their work is to take care of the environment at the same time. Annette is mostly handling the edible part, while Torben handles the wine. The wine is Torben’s passion. He is mowing the lawn and minding the grapes. Right now, Torben makes his own red and white grapes at their field, while Glenholm Vingård makes the wine. But that will soon change. Annette and Torben are renovating an old building, which is intended to be a future home wine production.

It did not take long for Annette and Torben to get new friendships, when they moved to Vang. Not long from Tvillinggaard was a riding center - and there is a special bond between horse people. They help and support each other. In 2013, a friend from the center had a summer occupation with helping tourists going horseback through the special and beautiful landscape in the area. But she needed a place to have the people sleeping, so she asked Annette, if she was not interested in making an accommodation - she had the paddocks, stables, and space for the riders on her second floor.

Again, Annette said: OK, let’s do it! and decorated two rooms for tourists. Later, Annette’s daughter moved and another room was made ready for visitors. They build a kitchen and a bathroom on the second floor, and today Tvillinggaard Thy offers a vacation apartment, a room and a caravan for all visitors in the area, wishing to spend the night. If you have a dream experiencing the North Sea at horseback, give Annette a call. She will help you organize your trip, can help with guidance, and can take care of both you and your horse - if you want to bring it - or else you can rent a pony at the place...

Tvillinggaard Thy
Nice holiday apartment from 2 to 7 people - in the middle of the scenic Thy National Park - on a lovely horse property. The apartment is on the first floor and has 3 double rooms, well equipped kitchen, bathroom, toilet, cozy living room with acess to balcony and terrace. The apartment is equipped with TV, DVD, wifi, radio, wood burning stove. 

Annette Skou
Trapsandevej 86, Vang
DK-7700 Thisted
Mobile +45 51 82 01 34


Gps: 56.987374,8.510126


Tvillinggaard Thy

The host is no longer active on the Bed and Breakfast guide


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