Sønderby Strand - host article

Sønderby Strand - host article

We arrive on Sydals and in Sønderby village in the most incredible windy weather. We walk into the cozy shop on the campsite and are handed the key by a sweet, smiling Nana, who carefully explains, how we find our way down to the beach and to the cottage we have rented for the next few days. The campsite is located right down to the water by Flensburg Fjord and Sønderborg Bay.

Sønderby is a tiny village with a single main street. The houses facing the narrow street are small halftimbered thatched houses - and there is an enchanting atmosphere - even in the strong wind. Surrounded by water on the 2 sides of the island, the light and the views are simply fantastic on this spot.

We drive out to our house - and are captivated. With a 180 degree view of the water, the house could have been miserably decorated - without it would have mattered to us. But the house is cozy and well-appointed. 3 good bedrooms and a living room with kitchen in one. With the large glass patio doors in the living room - one is simply drawn - as Misse in Matador - a danish film - so elegantly put it - to the view and the light.

We walk the short walk along the water to the store and shop for a little lunch. The store is small but with a wide range. We order fresh rolls for our breakfast, and at the same time make an agreement for a cozy chat with Nana the following morning.

Grandma and grandpa started the campsite 55 years ago - says Nana Møller, as we are seated around the table with a good cup of coffee. Back then it was a farm, they bought, and they moved here from Augustenborg, where my grandfather and grandmother were driving instructors - and also had a sausage cart. During my mothers loud protests about having to change school and lose her peers, the whole family moved to Sønderby Strand - established an ice cream parlor, that was only open in the summer - and a campsite. Where we have the holiday apartments today - it was their farmhouse back then... And around the farm there were fields, water - and nothing else.

There was a lot of land belonging to the farm, and a large part of the land was later subdivided into plots for cottages. We have built the cottages in the family ourselves, and these are the ones, we now rent out. When the plots were parceled out, they were divided equally between my mother and her brother. With a large common area between them. We are happy about that today.

in 1983 my mom and dad took over the store, and when my grandpa died in 1994 my parents took over the whole place. - Like I did after my parents in 2014. Everything is, as it always has been - its a little crazy - we just do things - completely as we usually do ...

It may sound laid back - but it is not. In the summer we work incredibly hard. We work 7 days a week from early morning to late evening. With 5 cottages, 2 holiday apartments, 4 cabins, the whole campsite and our shop to look after, there is no time for so much else. Luckily my mother comes, helps me look after the shop and helps me with the cleaning. My husband takes care of the campsite, plus we have some young people working for us on the weekends and during the summer holidays. And we need that relief. We have to have time for it all. It must not affect our children - that we are busy. There must be time for them to. So I snatch days off the calendar, and set them aside for the kids. But I would then lie, if I said, I do not get tired. Because I do.

I really appreciate the freedom, this life gives. And yes, I’m busy, but I love this place, where I grew up. It’s a wonderful life, that I will not trade for anything. Nana is on her way. There is still a cottage, that has not been made ready - and in two hours - the guests will arrive. So Nana is already on her way out of the door ...

Sønderby Strand - Cottages, Cabins, Apartments

5 cottages by the water, 2 holiday apartments and 4 cabins on the campsite. Ideal conditions for swimming, fishing and windsurfing. With boat slip, playground, table tennis hall, living room, disabled toilet, family room, bike rental, laundromat and grill bar. It is possible to buy breadrolls for breakfast and other of the most necessary groceries in the kiosk - as well as a grill bar.

Sønderby Strand Camping
Sønderbygade 4-6 Kagnæs, 6470 Sydals
Phone: +45 74 40 53 13
Mail: info@aukschun.dk

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