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Marinus in the woods
Where the road bends, there you see. Snuggly lies a cottage wee. So the Danish poet Hans Christian Andersen writes in one of his many poems. A poem - but also in the real world. At the edge of one of the small forests on the beautiful South Funen in a small village at Gislev, you will find Marinus Bed and Breakfast in the woods.

Marinus is a piece of work! He was born and raised in The Netherlands, where he was very young, when he took over his father's farm. Later he had his own family and could not resist the temptation to try his luck in Denmark. So he moved the whole family to Varde, where they were farmers for 37 years, with lots of animals and lots of life, kindness and their own farm shop. At that time the seeds where sown, to what is a cozy Bed and Breakfast today. When you enter Marinus’ place, you are met by a feeling of the Netherlands meeting Jutland in country style, which meets South Funen - and with a hint of kitsch. Marinus is a warm and whole hearted man, who will go to great lengths to make his guests happy.

It's the little things that counts, he says, adding: I can find a little flower on my daily walks in my woods, and then go and wait for 3 days for it to pop out. Because I have already chosen which nightstand, it should be on. I love to prepare myself for the arrival of my guests. For days I can go and plan, that there should be a little lavender stem on the guest’s pillowcase, or there must be a daisy in an old schnapps glass in the window. It makes me so happy to show my guests, that here they are are cordially welcome.

Sustainable details in its simplicity
When you visit Marinus's Bed and Breakfast, you will not get the sparkling shiny and easy solution from Ikea. Here you will find thoughtfulness and care. Each piece of furniture is, whether it fits into the context or not, is selected for its history, or maybe just because Marinus cared for the people who owned it before - or simply because you do not throw anything away, that can be used. Because Marinus is that kind of person.

He says, he is not a fanatical sustainable ecologist, but that it makes him happy, when things get a new life. My guests must have proper produce, and it is a gift, when I can provide them with freshly picked organic fruits and vegetables from plants, that I have cared for all summer. There is no doubt that, what Marinus offers his guests is peace and quiet in beautiful surroundings. Are you the talkative type do not hesitate to chat with Marinus. He has so much to say, so many stories to tell and a broad knowledge of everything between heaven and earth. And it's also liberating to meet a person who is grateful for life, the Danes and everything the Danish society has to offer.

When asked, Marinus says, that the best thing about having a bed and breakfast, is that: It is to see and feel life and having people around me. I can be happy for days, when I hear laughter and joy from a family, that has played garden tennis on my lawn - to feel how the house is full of life. It is a gift, and that is, what I love, by sharing this beautiful place and my home with other people.

It started by itself
On the farm - back then in Varde - there was a host of family and friends who stopped by every summer. They spent a few days, sometimes weeks - and this started it actually. I've always loved it with life around me, and therefore I decided to do it as a business. Then at least, it would not cost me money to feed all the guests, he says with a twinkle in his eye, striking a laugh.

You can not dine at Marinus in the woods yet. But over time, he hopes to be able to offer his guests a simple meal. Marinus  loves to cook, especially the many Dutch soups, he is an expert in making. But maybe you should ask Marinus  to cook for you anyway - if you want a simple, home-cooked meal, prepared of the home grown produce from South Funen - just a touch of Dutch rural cuisine, a warm heart and all sorts of care added.

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