Guided tour on Fur - Cliffs and special landscapes


Fuur Farm Vest

Henning Kamp Justesen, Hindkjærvej 22, 7884 Fur

+45 20 99 23 99  • +45 20 86 00 86

01.01.-31.12. Open

A guided tour on Fur

Get a guided tour on Fur and experience the different types of landscape on Fur

Experience Fur

You will see - that Fur is like a miniature version of all Denmark has to offer. We will drive you around the island to wonderful places, where you will have the opportunity to walk along hikingtrails leading to the beach, cliffs and red-rock. The tours is only meant to be an appetizer - later on you can go back an explorer everything yourself. The tour lasts around 1 hour.

Drive yourself

Before the guided tour we will host a free orientation, telling you about all Fur has to offer: The nature, the museums, the art-galleries, the work-shops, shops and off course all the good places to eat.

Fuur Farm Vest

Vi offer 6 double rooms on the first floor. Four of the rooms share the bathroom located in the hallway - the other two has private bathrooms. The kitchen is well equipped with mikrowawe, hotplates, fridge, boiler and coffee machine. In connection with the kitchen you will find the dining room with ample space for everyone. The ground level also has a family room with private bathroom and a small kitchenette. From all rooms you will see extraordinary views of green fields with cows chewing and the fjords beautiful blue waters as a background.

Up to 4 people

The price includes:

  • One night for 4 people in our family room - 500 DKK
  • One hour guided tour with transportation - 150 DKK

Optional extras:

  • Self-served breakfast: 40 DKK per person
  • Bed linen: 25 DKK per person

You can save 150 DKK by driving yourself

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