Forest and hills in apartment - or house, sun and beach - host article

Forest, hills, sun and beach - host article

Vagn was born on Kjærsgaard and farmed with dairy cows for many, many years. When he met Brian in 1994, there were no vacation rentals on the farm. But in 2007 - over a bottle of red wine - Vagn and Brian made the big decision to stop farming and to sell the milk quota. An empty building was demolished. There was a need for a general clean-up in the transition phase from agricultural to private use. The decision to build holiday apartments, to build a pool and a bar was made in 2008. Maybe not only with rental in mind - but also because it would be for joy and pleasure for ourselves. 16 ha of land were sold off - just before the financial market collapsed the following year - and construction began ...

We originally wanted to preserve as many parts of the old building, as we could. But we had to give up that plan, as the building simply was too bad. But we saved a few items, that we got reassembled, when construction was complete. Among other things, the old sole construction from the 16-century, which now stands as a decorative element in the apartments - elements, that are an essential part of the farms history. The apartments were slowly finished. The first was ready in 2011. The next two were ready in 2012 and 2016. Now we are actually planning to expand again with 6 double rooms. We dug lakes on the plot and planted forest, says Vagn. We sold our holiday home near Kolding and with that decision, we wanted to emphasize our focus with the holiday rental business on the farm.

But then a cottage came up for sale at Nab. We drove down and looked at it - nothing happens by just looking, and we bought it immediately - because of the beautiful location. We knew, that it would be possible to rent it - and we had a dream of also using it ourselves, opposite the house in Kolding, which we rarely visited. Now a whole new life started. When Vagn drove from the farm in the morning, it was rare, it completely resembled itself, when he returned. Brian is creative and has a good eye for decor, so walls were laid down in the farmhouse and an entire residence reopened before Vagn’s eyes, as Brian took hold. The bar, which was actually furnished exclusively for private use - quickly became a regular part of the rental. For a long period, we rented our apartments to people, who worked with the Facebook construction in Odense. And then they came by every Thursday after work, as we were at the bar anyway. Many locals heard about it, how cozy it was and started swinging by to get a beer. And although we have always been very active in our local area - there is not a local association, we have not chaired or participated in - we now quickly got to know our surrounding neighbors much better. We know know, who is married to whom, and what they are doing. Among other things, we make music events, and more and more people in our area participate and come to the bar. We have come so far now, that we have a liquor license and run with fixed opening hours. We are very socially minded here on the farm.

We love the life here and the experiences it creates, getting to know new people. When guests come and our lovely huge but gentle dog - with us - receives our big and small guests, it is a great joy for us ...

Kjærsgaard Apartments and cottage
State-of-the-art fully equipped apartments each for 2-4 people in the middle of Funen. Pool, bar, beautiful nature, peace and quiet. Not far from Odense C. Linen package can be purchased, when ordering before arrival. The apartments have fully equipped kitchens, and therefore breakfast is not served. Bar 2 days a week, also for the residents of the area, who comes for song and music, when there are events. Cozy cottage for up to 4 people only 30 meters from a nice sandy beach. A beautiful view of the sea and the surrounding islands.

Kjærsgaard Apartments and cottage
Vagn and Brian
Vesterlaugsvej 7, Brylle
DK-5690 Tommerup
Phone: +45 22 47 07 77
Phone: +45 22 35 32 07
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