Heltoften Bed and Breakfast - Nykøbing Mors - host article

Heltoften Bed and Breakfast - host article

Not only the area around Flade on Nordmors is an absolutely fantastic experience - so is Heltoften Bed and Breakfast. Anette Jensen is the hostess, and for sure you can say, that she has managed to turn a tragic part of her life into an adventure. Anette got married and moved to Kolding - to a nice house and a nice man. But Anette had lived in Thy for many years, so she missed the light and nature in Northern Jutland. The solution was, that Anette and her husband decided to find a cottage on Mors.

They searched for several years, and one day Anette saw a small advertisement - a house in Flade had been put up for sale. It was fate for Anette and her husband - they simply had to buy the house. It simply drew her. After the second visit the house was purchased. It was a huge project. There had previously been Bed and Breakfast and a primitive campsite on the plot. But the house and the garden had not been touched and maintained for years. The house was dark, and the area overgrown.

Now a life started on the move between the Kolding area and Nordmors. Every weekend, the couple drove forth and back - and struggled to renovate. Every Friday after work, the car was packed with building materials, tools, and furniture - and everything else they needed for the work on the weekends. But fate struck. Anette’s husband became ill with bone limb cancer. And the family pressed on – Now you are selling that house, aren’t you... But no. Instead, the couple decided to keep the house and continue the renovation. In fact, they decided to sell the house near Kolding and move permanently to Mors.

Anette is sure that moving to Mors helped them both through the life crisis. There was a purpose to everyday life and life with illness became easier to deal with. Anette’s husband was to revive the bed and breakfast, that once had life, and oversee the running of it. It was Anette who had to sell the house near Kolding after her husband’s death. The paradox was that what should have been a common future on Mors, became an end to the couple’s life together.

The hard work with the house helped Anette out of grief. When life became too heavy to carry, she went out and continued with the renovation. Slowly a new life blossomed. She had lost the love of her life, but despite the grief, found peace and joy at the place on Mors. Anette began to meditate. Often, she went up the hill in front of the house and sat there with her book of gratitude, enjoying the view of the magnificent landscape. Got peace in her soul. And she still does.

Now it was Anette who had to reestablish the Bed and Breakfast that once had been on the site. And Anette has her hands screwed on right. So, she got an agreement with the Tourist Office - and a fantastic Bed and Breakfast grew up. First with two double rooms. Later with a larger expansion - the house Anette used to operate as a small gallery, where now after renovation there is room for another 4 guests. Furthermore, a cabin was added in the garden, with room for two people. Everything on the site is carefully and beautifully decorated. There is a shared kitchen and bathroom in the basement of the house for the use of guests staying in the Gallery and in the cottage. The two double rooms have a private bathroom, but guests can also use the kitchen for cooking, making a cup of coffee or tea for free.

Anette thinks it is fun to run her Bed and Breakfast. Meeting the guests is a constant source of joy and fun. But it is also really hard work. And Anette loves it. In her many years as a top manager in the public sector she collaborated with many different people, and she still does. Only in a different way.

Because guests from all over the world come to her paradise on Mors. Anette loves food and good products. So much that she is a member of the local association Culinary-Heritage THY-MORS. She has many hiking guests who stay overnight, and since Heltoften Bed and Breakfast is located far from restaurants and shopping opportunities, she also cooks for her guests.

You will find Anette in her kitchen from early morning, where packed lunches are made, and dinner is prepared. The breakfast is rich with home-baked bread and muffins and is served with a lot of good local ingredients - just like all other food served on site. I can only tell you, that the breakfast we were served simply was the most delicious breakfast we ever had.

Heltoften Bed and Breakfast
Welcome to the most beautiful areas on Mors with many nature experiences. Accommodation in 2 lovely double rooms, in The Gallery for 4 people or in The Cabin for 2 people. Prices are incl. bedding and towels. Wonderful breakfast is served and can be purchased for DKK 70 per person. Lunch and dinners are packed and served by appointment - but only for walkers.

Heltoften Bed and Breakfast
Anette Jensen
Heltoften 24, Flade
7900 Nykøbing M
Phone: +45 23 20 18 87
Handy: +45 21 20 14 02


Gps: 56.887355,8.778379


Heltoften Bed and Breakfast

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