Sea fortress of Christiansø - Bornholm

Christiansø - Sea fortress

Sea fortress of Christiansø - Bornholm
The sea fortress of Christiansø is a beautiful and well Sustainer tenenes Heritage. Everywhere buildings and fortifications from different historical periods are intertwined, almost like a patchwork quilt in the alternately rocky and lush countryside. The fortress was built in 1684 by King Christian V for the defense of the Kingdom in the Baltic Sea. Today the ramparts, bastions, towers, half-timbered houses and stone cottages are almost as the last soldier left the fortress in 1856 left. However, you will soon discover that it is a stagnant Island Museum. In this unique environment now live about 90 residents throughout the year.

On the new website you will find many useful information Island and suggestions for visiting søfæstningen. You can immerse yourself in "distinctive history, nature and culture of the island, or today's society. 

About søfæstningen
The sea fortress of Christiansø is part of the archipelago Ertholmene. The archipelago is in Danish state-owned and governed by the Department of Defense. It is located 20km from Bornholm and consists of two inhabited islands, Christiansø and Frederiksø, the bird sanctuary Græsholmen and a number of big and small rocks. Everything is protected, both fortress, nature and wildlife. Although life is different on a desert island, there is similar to other parts of the country also spend a day on household chores, in many ways.

Ten craftsmen are engaged in the maintenance and renovation of many buildings, forts and nature. A small group of islanders have their own business: Ruths Kryddersild, hairdresser cliff skär og Christiansø Gæstgiveri. Every year about 45,000 tourists to the sea fortress of Christiansø and to experience the special atmosphere. In the season, a number of artists come to the island to work and their art for sale. The islands will want to by many birdwatchers who study the protected and rare species and experience the many migratory birds. Each season has its charm. In winter there is a rare tranquility in the summer bring many visitors fresh wind to the island.

The nature in Ertholmene is diverse and varied. A few hundred meters from the rocky shores you will find shady woods and garden idyll. Ertholmenes unique natural values were protected in 1926. Today, the islands belong to a large number of international projects of the nature, culture and wildlife and are among the most protected natural areas in Denmark.
Book a tour with a local guide of the island and hear historical that only residents know. The islanders are eager to give you their knowledge and look forward to welcoming you.

Accommodation on Christiansø
You can sleep in tents on the island - but it is a very small campground. It is therefore necessary to make reservations prior to arrival. Christiansø Public House and Købmandshandel there for over 100 years and consists of both hotel, inn, restaurant, grocery store and kiosk with barbecue. Visit the small well-stocked shops where you everything you need for a short or long stay in the islands find. There are fresh dairy products, meat and vegetables came with the mail boat from Bornholm. 50 meters from the grocery store is a kiosk where you can buy sweets, snacks, ice cream and hot dogs. You will also find a selection of postcards and souvenirs. Christiansø Public House has 6 charming rooms, each with private bath and toilet. Or you want to spend the night in jail ...

The prison is open                                                                                                             
The sea fortress of Christiansø, a former state prison now serves with five cells for accommodation and all the convenient facilities. In each cell there is only the slats of the window. Try to spend a night behind closed doors. The prison is open all year.

The Ferry
The ride between Gudhjem and Christiano travels 55 minutes and there's at least one daily departure from Gudhjem throughout the year, but during the summer season more. It is our great pleasure to be glad to welcome you to the easternmost fortifications Denmark.

Gps: 55.320604, 15.189297

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