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The dream became reality
Bente og Hans Jørgen are both born and raised in Gram. When they got married, they bought a house and made a home in Gram. Hans Jørgen got a job as a janitor at the local school, and Bente worked at the pharmacy as a pharmacist. And she still does. In contrary, Hans Jørgen has retired. Or - he almost has - until the events took a sharp right in 2015…

In many years, Bente's mom had a summer house in Blåvand. Almost in the backyard, a motel was located. Bente and Hans Jørgen knew the couple, running the motel, pretty well. Of course, they were from Copenhagen - but okay anyways. Hans Jørgen met the host one day and asked, naturally, how thing were going. The man answered, like the arch Copenhagener he was, I do not want to do this anymore - we are selling! When Hans Jørgen returned to the summer house, he told Bente what he had experienced. Bente only had one question for Hans Jørgen: What is the price? Of course, Hans Jørgen did not now - he had not asked - but he did the next day. The couple started to count and calculate. Hans Jørgen could retire. Bente could continue working. Their house in Gram could be sold. Maybe it was doable? Maybe…

When the seller and Bente and Hans Jørgen had come to an agreement on a possible price, the couple went to the bank. Bad news - they were refused. But Hans Jørgen and Bente did not give up. They went to another bank in the town and had prepared a professional presentation. It took not less than an hour to present the idea for the new bank. And when they left, they had gotten a definite yes. Bente was relieved. Hans Jørgen should not really retire, but instead run Motel Garni, as the couple named their new place. Hans Jørgen is a passionate man, who cannot rest for more than five minutes at a time. So Bente had actually feared, if Hans Jørgen was going to stay at home and do nothing. Bente and Hans Jørgen now bet their savings. A whole lives work was put into this project, which they wish to continue for the rest of their lives. To run and take care of Motel Garni.

Bente and Hans Jørgen moved into the motel in 2015 and then began a whole new part of their lives. Slowly, the motel is renovated and tidied up. All purchases are made carefully and reasonable. And Hans Jørgen is primus motor in the process, because he is everything related to crafts: carpenter, builder, painter and a fixer, says Bente with a big smile.In a few years, the couple has succeeded in making Motel Garni a profitable business. And every penny earned is put back into the business - to make it better and stronger. Motel Garni has a good occupancy rate. Bente and Hans Jørgen have created a clientele that returns again and again. That is not at least because of Bente and Hans Jørgen's attitude about running a private accommodation. We have to be present, help our guests and listen to what they have to say to us, they say. We see all comments, both positive and negative, as an opportunity to keep getting better at what we do. At Motel Garni, everyone are welcome. Children, adults and their pets. The new bank is satisfied with the couple's effort. There are green figures at the bottom line. The guest count is rising continuously with happy and satisfied guests, who enjoys the hosts work and attention.

To the question, whether the couple have ever regretted, Bente says teasing: Yes and Hans Jørgen: NoBente is soon retiring. She is very much looking forward - together with Hans Jørgen - to keep living the dream that became reality.

Motel Garni BB
9 lovely appartments - all with seperate bathroom and kithen or teakitchen. Renovated and welcoming furnished. From 30-75 m2. Possibility to barbeque. Free wifi, TV and access to terraces and garden. Suitable for family gatherings. Dogs welcome. Motel Garni is smoke free and is located only 700 meters from a nice beach and 300 meters from Blåvand city centre. Prices from 550 kr. pr. night.

Bente og Hans Jørgen
Fyrvej 22
6857 Blåvand
Mobile +45 40 17 33 79

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