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Jens Hansen, Kirkevej 6, 3790 Hasle


Welcome to Rutsker Holiday Resort on Bornholm
We are located in Bornholms natural beautifull surroundings. The holiday resort is an old local school which has been turned into this fantastic holiday resort. 

We offer everything from a simple accommodation to a stay at a luxurious spa bath. You can cool down or relax around our beautiful bathing lake.

Our holiday resort is located in Rutsker, which is part of the north/west Bornholm. With a driving distance of 5 minutes to the nearest town, we have a place with a scenic and tranquil setting, where there is room for everyone, with short distances to the vacation towns as Hasle, Allinge, Sandvig, Vang etc. All within 30 minutes by bike. Hammershus and various beaches are within a 20 minute bike ride.

The Bicycle Sheds
Four apartments with private entrances. Three apartments with five beds in the form of three bunk beds and one 1½ person sofa bed, and an apartment with four beds in the form of two bunk beds and one 1½ person sofa bed. They include a fully equipped kitchen with cutlery, pots, etc. Private bathroom with toilet and shower. Dining area, sofa and armchairs.

The Classrooms
Four apartments with separate entrance from a common hallway and a private access to the beautiful garden. Three of the apartments with 4 beds in the form of 1 doublebed and 1 bunk bed. The last of these appartment has room for 2 people with 2 single beds. All apartments have a fully equipped kitchen with crockery, pots etc. Private bathroom with toilet and shower. Dining area with table and chairs. Private sitting area with TV. Private patio table with chairs.

The Teachers Houses
Our three holiday cottages are situated idyllically in a section of its own, with its own entrance and access to a private garden in the back. Each house has 8 beds in 4 bedrooms with 2 people in each. Perfect for those who has a larger family, several couples or group on a trip. Each holiday home has its own fully equipped kitchen with refrigerator, dishes, pots, etc. Two bathrooms with toilet and shower. Dining table and chairs. Sofa group with space for all.

The Superstructure
These 12 luxury apartments are located on the first floor. Here there are both stairs and associated lift. The apartment's beds are spread over a double bedroom and a large open loft with 2 single beds. Each apartment has an open spacious balcony, shielded for the neighbors. Separate fully equipped kitchen with dishes, pots, dishwasher, etc. Private bathroom with toilet and shower and a two person spa bath. Dining table with chairs and a private sitting area. Private patio with table and chairs for the balcony. Six of the apartments have their own wood stove.

For more information and a detailed price list at:

From  450 DKK per night 

Nordbornholms Feriecenter offers:
Double room: From  600 DKK
Family room: From  600 DKK
Apartment: From  900 DKK
House: From  1200 DKK
Cottage: From  450 DKK

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