Tipperne Camping og Hytter

Helle Møller Mikkelsen, Vesterlundvej 101, 6830 Nørre Nebel



Welcome to Tipperne Camping and Cabins

We have a small scenic and peaceful campground, and joint fires near the cabins, as well as a nice toilet block. We are surrounded by woods (Blåbjerg Dunes) with plenty of sheltered and cozy corners, and we are the last stop before Tipperne. Very close to the beautiful North Sea that can be experienced all year round with all its facets. There are ample opportunities for biking and hiking in the magnificent scenery, as well as hunting and fishing.

We offer 6 cabins with room for 2,3 or 4 people. The cabins have a small kitchen with a little stove, refrigerator, coffee maker and kitchen equipment. The 4-person cabins have a bunk bed and a sofa bed. The 2-person cabins have bunk beds in one of them and a sofa bed in the other. The toilets are in the sanitary building, only 30 meters away.

Breakfast can be purchased on site, in our small kiosk with information. Freeshly baked break can be ordered the day before. In the main house we have a kitchen that all are velkommne to use. There are also washing and drying facilities. Tokens for wash can be purchased at the kiosk.

As something new, we offer a large communal tent with tables and benches. This is where we gather for some of the camp site's activities. The tent can also be used as a gathering place for all our campsite guests.

If you want to try something special, you should lend our bathing barrel for a day. The barrel is filled up with hot water and situated in the woods, shielded. To sit there with a little glass of wine is absolutely wonderful.


Bedding must be brought. The cottage must be left in the same condition as received. We only accept danish credit cards.

From  288 DKK per night 

Tipperne Camping og Hytter offers:
Single room: From  288 DKK
Cottage: From  388 DKK

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