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Jens Henning Sørensen, Københoved Skovvej 5, 6630 Rødding

01.01.-31.12. Open

Københoved Skov - private accommodation. Københoved Skov is a private accommodation close to the junction between Kongeåen and the main road.

Here you can stay in modern furnished apartments in beautiful surroundings or in shelters and tents. - Close to Kongeåen angling, bathing lake in the backyard and cultural and historical attractions in the local area. Whether you want to enjoy the evening sun over the forest-fringed fields or you're just short of a bed to sleep in - you will be welcome here with us.

We offer peace and quiet, fresh air and swimming in our lake. Here you can find rest after a long day on the Ancient Road or one of the other routes in the cultural history exciting area around Københoved. Situated on the edge of Københoved Forest we offer three apartments and shelters to be rented on a daily or weekly basis.

From  350 DKK per night 

Københovedskov offers:
Single room: 350 DKK
Double room: 600 DKK
Family room: 800 DKK
Apartment: 800 DKK
Experiences: 1

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